Anonymous Blogging Turned Deadly

3 03 2008

I bet most bloggers are not doing their vocations with the intention of killing fellow human beings. But what some writers deemed as fun or ridicules could be too venomous for the intended target. Apparently, blogosphere has become a battlefield in which attack-words could be as lethal as bayonets. Recently, it was reported that a teenage girl committed suicide, in Missouri, over a hoax posted on And in Long Island, there is pending murder case involving a man killed by a father whose son was falsely accused of posting rape threats – against a female acquaintance – on the internet. These two incidents unnecessarily claimed two souls over comments that are nothing but fabrications.

Most recently, some blog posts allegedly nudged an advertising executive, Paul Tilley (picture left), to death. And accusations are going around, especially to some bloggers at However, the site seems to have aggrandized this tragedy into a marketing winfall. According to The New York Times, AgencySpy that normally got 4000 to 5000 hits per day is now being propelled to more than 12000 hits per day – and probably still counting up. The NY Times reported that IAC/InterActiveCorp and Wall Street Journal are among the advertisers on this site.

With all the finger-pointings, we may never know what actually prompted Mr. Tilley to commit suicide. But one thing is clear: Word hurts. If we live by it, some of us could die by it some day.


“Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it.” – Joseph Daniels



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