Obama, The Devil, We Don’t Know

3 03 2008

As Obamania epidemics stir this nation and the world beyond, perhaps I am one of the few blacks, if not many, who haven’t been gripped by the fever yet. Consequently, I have been in conflicts with some of my relatives, friends, and my girlfriend who are African descents. And my Caucasian friends, when talking politics, would try not to offend me by talking favorably of Obama knowing fully well that I am a native African (expect me to be very proud, uh?). I usually waste no time to tell them that I am not a big fan of Obama – but, thoughtfully, I appreciate what appeared to be their sense of solidarity nonetheless.

Don Imus has a point when he called Senator Hillary Clinton “The devil.” Yes, at least, she is a devil that we know. On the other, Imus loves Senator John McCain who has been on his radio show many times; and he regards the war hero as a good friend. But to many Americans, John McCain is another devil they know so well. If either of these two devils becomes the U.S. president, we could predict what to expect within the next 4 years – partly because the two senators are well-seasoned politicians who know the real problems and issues facing the country, and they have spent more time on campaign trails to hammer issues and resolutions. As for Senator Barack Obama, all we know so far are: his book “Audacity of Hope” and the mantra “Yes We Can.” We can what? It is no news that Obama can win the nomination/presidency but he hasn’t been specific on exactly what will happen after that.

One of Senator Obama’s selling points is that, unlike the experienced senators, he is not a Washington insider. Therefore, he is more suited to change things in Washington to politics as unusual. Well, we heard this cliché many times 8 years ago when George W. Bush capitalized on his Washington-outsiderness to portray Al Gore as “same-old same-old” DC insider. We all know what has been going down ever since.

Now, the question is: Are Americans ready to make another unanalytic gamble on leadership this time in the mist of two wars and a looming or potential recession? So far, the most conspicuous thing about Barack Obama is his oratory; he sounds more of a spiritual leader than execution leader. No doubt, Obama’s epidemics could be strongly contagious. At times, I have to think straight not to fall under his spell, but some folks are not that fortunate. Nevertheless, there is still time for the tranced voters (represented by Obama Girl” above) to think deeply and put their sentiments aside for once. As the master-of-words talks make his way to the White House, hopefully some of us will wake up from hallucination and see the “devil in the detail” before it’s too late.


“Hope is good companion but poor guide.” – —-John Mauldin



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2 03 2008

I agree with you regarding Obama. I made a similar point back at my blog. htt://mellifluent.info

2 03 2008

I have also noticed a lack of critical thinking in Obama-followers, especially when it comes to the difference between rhetoric and reality. I’m Canadian, and I am deeply afraid for Americans if Obama is elected.

In part, I’m talking about:
– The all-too-favourable media playing up Obama, highlighting the positives, downplaying the negatives (“favourable” is not a spelling error. It’s how we spell it up here ;o)
– The cult-like following – they all speak the same language and rely on strong rhetoric, or logical fallacies in their arguments against Hillary. The arguments are so illogical and off base it’s like comparing apples to, well, furniture. The analogies aren’t even in the same “food group”!
– The lack of critical thinking skills when comparing Obama’s actions/words/plans to Clinton’s (see last point, objective verifiability of Obama’s propaganda, refusal to play “Devil’s Advocate” when looking at one over the other, etc.)
– The lack of accountability when confronted – playing “blame games”, addressing an associated point but not the main one, refusal to accept responsibility (No one is always right – does Obama ever admit to being wrong, even in the face of overwhelming evidence?? ie: Canada-NAFTA denials).
– The vagueness in the details of any of his “plans for change”, especially health care.
– His apparent inability to comprehend what universal health care truly is – and therefore his total inability to implement it.

“The Devil is in the Details”.. and Obama’s campaign is sorely lacking in specifics. Hillary is way out front when it comes to details. Way ahead.



2 03 2008

While I respect your opinion, I think Obama has really hit the nail on the head when he says we need change. Both Clinton and also McCain are champions of the old order and somehow I think the world is kind of tired of it. Not being American, I don’t focus on domestic issues though and prefer to look at his foreign policy nd experience which I think will shape a new more worldly American perspective. I agree with you that he’s untested but based on his views I think that may be an advantage

9 03 2008
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18 03 2008

i can’t help but be skeptic when u start a paragraph with , Don Imus has a point! as far as Obama’s followers although i’m not that religious, and im not makin a direct comparison of person, Jesus was in the same position , nobody knew who he was but he was right and i can’t stand here and wait till obama dies for everyone to realise how wrong we were on him. we have had enough years with Mr. Bush so nothing can be worst NOTHING !

18 03 2008
Mak Ossa

Time would tell. We would ultimately know if he is as good as his chops.

4 06 2008
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10 06 2008
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14 07 2008
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12 12 2009

Wow loved reading this post. I submitted your feed to my google reader.

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