The Democrats Float on Rate Race

5 03 2008

Hillary, Clinton 05obama-751.jpg It is interesting to see how Hillary sucked up some steam off Obama’s momentum. And it is about to get really ugly. Seemingly, we have two democratic front runners and one republican nominee. So far, the mainstream media (MSM) and their pollsters have been very unrealistic in their projections. Irrespective of the sensational scoops, the voters, pretty much, show they are in control and would always have the final say.

Nevertheless, the Democratic Party needs to pull its acts together and come up with a nominee or face serious malady as time tick away. No doubt, the republican strategists would salivate for long-drawn Obama/Clinton wrangle, which could make it look as if the democrats are divided. Besides, the Clinton/Obama dogfight could put off the swing voters; hence, more vote for McCain. Hillary Clinton’s suggestion of a ticket with Barack Obama, on CBS this morning, is a smart move on her part. It is reasonably no surprise as some political analysts had predicted such out come before. At least, the suggestion gives the impression that the party would be well united to take on John McCain.

But the problem seems to be Obama as he appears butt-headed now than ever. After yesterday loses, he’s been wearing grimace face as if the world is crumbling around him (get over it! Dude). Obviously, Obama’s ego is punctuated and he’s not handling it well. When Clinton lost seven times consecutively, she still tried to put smiles every now and then. That made her more appealing and confident; and probably helped win Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island. That said, it is no-brainer at this stage for both democratic runners to attack-ad each other. Otherwise, the republicans would use the contents of those attacks effectively against any democratic nominee in November.

Time is of essence. Even with other primaries on the way, it is an illusion for either Clinton or Obama to secure the 2025 delegates for nomination. As it stands now, Clinton has 1464 and Obama has 1573 – do the math. Clinton-Obama ticket seems to be the best solution for the party moving forward. In addition, the VP and VFL roles would give Senator Barack and Michelle Obama the Oval Office Internship Training they need before becoming the President and First Lady respectively.


Great spirits [ideas] have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein



One response

11 03 2008
v zussman

I have been a Democrate all of my life. I will only vote for Hillary Clinton. If Obama wins the Democratic election I will vote for McCain. I am very angry at Obama for running. He is an illusionist. This is Hillary’s turn, and he is taking advantage of her hard work for civil rights. It was because of her pain staking life’s work that he actually even has a chance in the first place. He’s young and has many years ahead of him to run. The truth is, the only reason he has gotten this far is because of the black vote. He has 90% of the black vote. Votes that would have gone to the hard work of Hillary Clinton. She works 10 times harder and has a proven record. The fact is the Black Americans like her but you can’t blame them for voting for someone in their own race. He’s not the best leader for our country. Hillary Clinton is the best leader. Democratic party won’t have a chance to win the presidency if Obama is running. It just won’t happen. McCain is enough of a moderate to win independent and moderate democratic votes. Mcain will win if Obama runs against him.

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