Why Ugly Guys Are So Hot

26 03 2008

jlo1.jpgheidi_klum11.jpgIt’s been proven that Brad Pitts and George Clooneys of the world are not the only guys having all the fun. The New York Daily News presented a study which shows that the ugliest-of-the-uglies can be as competitive as the hunkiest-of-the-hunkies when it comes to pretty gals – not just any girls, I mean extremely beautiful women, such as Beyonce, J Lo, and Heidi Klum. Although Heidi’s man wasn’t included in the NYDN examples, probably because the media has been careful not to tag Heidi’s beau, Seal, as ugly. He is commonly described as the guy with a very “distinctly look”; Yeah right! – that needs some elaboration.

Another example used is Jay-Z who has never been lucky in overall press reviews of the “best-looking-celebrities.” And there was Howard Stern; instead of him as another example, I think Don Imus would have been perfect. There is no doubt, Stern’s hair is wacky but he is a good looking dude. 17a_notoriousbig1.gifLet’s add the late jay_z1.jpg1129056602970-larryking_sq1.jpgNotorious B.I.G. cripping with Faith Evans and Lil Kim simultaneously, which led the ladies into a “catfight” over him. And Larry King with many wives. Also Dennis Rodman who was the craziest-looking player in NBA, yet it was very easy for him to bed Carmen Electra.

If there is anything that NYDN’s report didn’t confirm is that the so-call ugly guys are the one with deep-pockets!! Apparently, an average “shrek” would not be that fortunate with pretty girls. If Marc Anthony, Seal, Jay-Z, Biggie weren’t successful in their acts, these famous beautiful chicks wouldn’t have given them chances. The report fell short of some bad characters. Some ugly guys can be as bad as their looks. Just like handsome hunks, some “unpretty dudes” are famous for cheating on their partners. For instance, Vince Vaugh and P. Diddy [the latter not too bad as he grooms a lot] are notorious for getting beautiful women laid for few months and dumped them like pieces of garbage.

That said, cripping with “unpretty guys” is not a sure way of “beaus retention”. As in business, relationship is all about taking chances. You would never know who could be a ‘keeper’ or ‘strayer’. The chances of women striking it long with guys, good-looking or not, are dicey. Currently, Eliot Spitzer is the most famous example of an “unpretty Ricky” turned prostitution-ring “playa” big-time!! Y’all know what I am saying.

In summation, it’s all boil to “money, power, and respect” as Lil Kim sang; and success. Those four factors could make the ugliest Johns very attractive to the most beautiful damsels in the world. To women, financial security matters more than hunky looks. As the saying goes in New York: “Money Talks, Bullshit Walks.”


Women are not always as successful as men because they have no wives to advise them.” – Greek Proverb



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26 03 2008
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13 05 2008

haha nice read

26 05 2008
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9 06 2008
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28 11 2013

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