McCain-Condoleezza: A Ticket Made In Heaven

28 03 2008

It is obvious that John McCain is being swept under the media waves by Obama’s éclat, to the extent that some Americans and people overseas don’t even know who John McCain is. So, what can the poor American war hero do catch up with high-flying Obama? A sensation. mccain_story1.jpgcondoleezza-rice-newarticle1.jpgAccording to this morning CBS Radio report, John McCain might be considering Condoleezza Rice as a running mate. This looks like a smart idea because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been so hyped on the apriorism of making history – to be the first black president and first woman president respectively. McCain is at disadvantage of these Democrats’ history-making brouhahas. It is time for him to turn the table. Choosing Condi as a potential vice president is like killing “two birds with one stone.” Condi can help the republicans deflate the excitements surrounding Obama and Clinton. Condi is black and a woman. And she could be the first of both as a Vice President. Americans could be bought on campaign that would let McCain rule for fours years and then have the first black and woman president.

The two democratic contenders, while still trading jabs, need to watch out for McCain-Rice combo which can be very strategic. This could erase the democratic lead over the repuplicans’ as McCain’s surly attitude could be overlooked with Condi on his side. Condi is well-liked globally. Her professional resume is longer than Obama’s and Clinton’s combined; and she is the most educated official in the Bush Administration, if not in the whole Republican Party. To mention just a few, she rocks with the world leaders. Who can beat her records in Washington DC? Arguably none!  

Moreover, black folks could express to Condi the same emotions they have for Obama. And the feminists could be as excited to flock to Condi’s ticket as they are toward Hillary. If McCain eventually pull the stunt, it could be a major media sensation that could kill both Obamaniac and Clintoniac crazes. And the caveat? McCain-Rice would keep U.S. Troops in Iraq, at least, for the next decade(s).


“My parents had me absolutely convinced that you may not be able to have a hamburger at Woolworth’s, but you can be President of the United States”   – Condoleezza Rice.



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