NY Post Excels at Pictures Misrepresentation

24 04 2008

When it comes to photo propaganda, there is no other news-print that does this sleazy game better than New York Post. You don’t want NY Post paparazzi around when you’re having a “bad hair day” or when you’re feeling down because your ‘mug shot’ could make the headline for wrong reasons. So what is wrong with the pictures in this entry?


I picked up a copy of NY Post this morning, I can’t believe what I saw: a sexy picture of Ashley Dupri, Spitzer’s call girl; again? It’s been over five weeks since Gov. Spitzer’s scandal and the guy had retired and moved on. But it appears that NY Post is the only news print around that wouldn’t stop beating the dead horse. The news paper never stopped running and re-running ‘spiterized’ articles over and over again. Today’s headline reads “Two On One’ Vs Spitzer”; however, this story has no direct link to Spitzer’s famous mistress, Ashley Dupri. This was a separate incident with no proof that the hooker in question worked for the same Emperor VIP Club. Although, it is about Eliot Spitzer, and another slut, but it a gross distortion to show the infamous Ashley’ pic to represent another (faceless) whore.



Also, some where in the paper is another distorting pictures NYC speaker, Christine Quinn (above). The snapshot captured her closing her eyes while answering reporters’ question, apparently overwhelmed by the recent discretionary funds scandal while trying to find answer in avalanche of questions. But NY post has been running this ‘sleepy’ picture consecutively for many days, ever since the scandal broke, even for other articles in which the speaker’s name never mentioned. Whatever happens to her better pictures such as this



I think one would agree that it is getting more difficult these days to differentiate New York Post from the London tabloids and Hustler Magazine.


“What we have to do, what at any rate it is our duty to do, is to revive the old art of Lying.” —–Oscar Wilde




2 responses

25 04 2008

Hey man, you got that right.. you can’t believe it. Toady is Friday right? And the shitty picture of the speaker came out again… it’s been like than for the past 12 days ..check it out on page 5 on the today’s NY Post hard copy

25 04 2008
Mak Ossa

Thanks Jammi, I saw the page on today’s too. We’ll see how long it going to stop. I just don’t understand the relevancy of this picture to those articles. Someone got to be serious @ NY Post

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