The Smartest Beggar in the City

25 04 2008

One of the NYC’s sharpest dressed persons happened to be a street beggar (not like one on the left). This is guy “thinks outside the box” as far as panhandling is concerned. NYTimes’ videoman, Corey Kilgannon describes the beggar as managing “his work flow with the efficiency of a well-trained middle manager.”


Actually you don’t have to be a beggar to use this street beggar’s approach; one or two things can be learned from his style. Here he’s quoted as saying in  New York Times:

“Most guys think the more raggedy they look, people will feel sorry for them and give them more money. That’s a loser’s mentality, and it doesn’t work. Just because I like to dress clean, doesn’t stop people from giving to me. The way I dress says, ‘I live a clean life,’ and people would rather help that person because they know they’re not going to waste it, go and spend it on drugs or alcohol. They say they love the way I look. They say I’m the only panhandler [beggar] that keeps clean. And I don’t hassle nobody; they like that.”

If this guy is in a place like a third world country, he would have made enough to build or buy house(s) by now. But that might be difficult here in U.S. because of too much bills. The reason why I am saying this is that I have seen some street beggars in developing nations that have parlayed their acts into building houses and sending their dependents to college. This might sound ridiculous to some but it is happening; there are cases in which beggars make more money easily than people with regular jobs. Like every thing in life this gig had its pros and cons. So if you want to moonlight or aspire to be street beggar, you might want to give Mr. Baker Howard of Queens NY a call for consultation. Good luck.

Check Out His Full Video Here


Never stand begging for what you have the power to earn.” — Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra



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12 11 2008
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