The Angry Black Men You Ain’t See Yet

29 04 2008

In the United States, it’s not uncommon to describe people of color who protect their civil right as “angry black men”. If you have ever wondered what makes a black man angry, I think this is it: Sean Bell’s murder trial and the justice that followed. Usually the media are quick to judge Rev. Al Sharpton as troublemaker or instigator. When we look at what happens at Manhattan courthouse last Friday, we should be rethinking that Rev. Al Sharpton’s so-called confrontational protests are not too overbearing after all. While I don’t think Sean Bell’s murder was racially motivated, I do think there was excessive use of force (50 shots) against Bell and his two armless friends. Many people across racial lines would agree that if the victims were white Justice Arthur Cooperman wouldn’t have acquitted all the accused NYPD detectives.


In any case, how come the law is so whacked that defenders can easily waive rights to have grand jury deliberate over the case rather than a lone judge’s decision. This is the type of justice maneuver that cans the disadvantaged and breeds “angry black men” in United States. In other words, the justice system could easily ignore or not believe black man’s testimony; thus put him at disadvantage. There are many cases of black men convicted of the crime they never committed but later be acquitted thanks to the DNA technology. Despite weighing the evidence presented, perhaps the judge reached the verdict with stereotypic mind set.


With the outcome of Bell’s case, one should remember why there could be anger in the black communities. Next time you experience a black man’s outrage (hopefully you wouldn’t) remember how unfair the justice has been to many of them, their family member, and their acquaintances. I don’t think anyone is winning in this case. Sadly, both sides should brace for long litigations because if Al Sharpton sees “no justice there would be no peace” of mind for the police officers involved.

Quote of the day:

“No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.” —Booker T. Washington



One response

21 10 2009

Shooting amputees (“two armless friends”) is certainly deplorable.
Media-whores like Sharpton and “The Reverend” Jackson certainly don’t help things by stirring up emotions for their own personal gain.

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