I Like Big Bibles, I Can’t Lie

13 05 2008

Since the unprecedented emergence of YouTube.com, there has been explosion of YouTube wannabes. It appears some people have been creating just about any word with “tubic” ending. ’Tube’ has become one of the most used word in cyberspace given the numbers of website names with ‘tubic’ attachments. There is UTube.com which apparently was selling metal tube-piles, before YouTube came to life, but fell victim of unwanted popularity and was compelled to sell the name to opportunists who now provide services (some porn-like) similar to Youtube. Then there is YouTube.net which has parlayed its traffic into porno contents. And there are skew of Ls, Xs, or Ns Tube.com, to mention just a few, which are cyber-squatting or not necessary operating in good faith.

Thank God, someone smart enough to create GodTube.com as reported on NYTimes. Even though, there is rival name SatanTube, GodTube seems to be doing very well among the ‘tubic’ video sites with exception of the pioneer, Youtube. Personally, I like the motivating and hilarious contents GodTube provides compare to some useless contents that crowd YouTube. For religious folks who are wary of cyberspace, GodTube might be a perfect place to check, maybe to unwind. The following are some interesting videos on GodTube duplicated by Youtube.

Baby Got Book

9 Rules To Date My Daughter


“It ain’t those parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it is the parts that I dounderstand.” —-Mark Twain



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