‘Lil Mama’ Got The Hype, So Waarrup!

14 05 2008

In the beginning there was a notorious rapper called Lil Kim and 10 years later there was a dangerous one tagged Remy Ma. Integrating the aforementioned rappers’ names, a cute ‘young thang’ called Lil Mama was born and became a media’s darling. Despite her ironic name [as she looks like a baby], the rave reviews she has generated in the past few months is enough to make her hero rappers envious or fade into obscurity. Things have been pretty rough for vets like Foxy Brown and Lil Kim whose serve as sources of inspiration to Lil Mama; coincidentally, these two famous inspirations are certified ex-convicts. In the same path, Remy Ma’s new-found fame was cut short as she was just sentenced to 8 years for attempted man slaughter.

Good enough, Lil Mama did not started out as typical gang star rapper. Probably that is the reason she is being regarded as a new female hip-hop ambassador. So much are the media praises of her that some papers such as People magazine accorded her VYP Title (Voice of the Young People). In dicey entertainment industry, it is a known fact that cost of fame could be very problematic. One could fall as fast as he/she rises. Lil Mama looks sharp and sounds smart; she must have learned from her hero’s missteps.


Hopefully, she would use the knowledge to keep it clean and steer clear of trouble. But one thing though, she would need a priest to exorcize the demons out of Lil kim and remy maMa monikers to avoid bad lucks by name association. You see, thuggish name can make one looks really bad. Remy Ma can tell you as she betrayed her own ‘aka’ and cried to the presiding judge that she is no ‘mama’ that her name is Remy Smith, and it is no wonder Busta Rhythm preferred to be called Mr. Rhythm instead of Busta!! when he was being tried for assault few month ago.


Eventually, hip-hop community would fully realize that rappers don’t have to be violent or thuggish to make hit records. Lesson should be learned from likes of Kanye West and Will Smith who stick to their original names and still made huge impacts in the music world. It’s all about talent.


“You are the embodiment of what you choose to be called and act upon. To change your circumstances you need to change your thinking and subsequent actions.” —–Adlin Sinclair



2 responses

18 05 2008

The chic looks innocent though.. I think she is a clean and good entertainer…hope she stay that way

3 08 2008

Thanks !

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