Inter-Racial ‘Loser’ Napped By The Feds

21 05 2008

I red a piece in NY Times, of an interracial hater, which I find weirdly ridiculous. Here is a quote from the looser:


“If this doesn’t stop the blackie [black men] will be castrated, shot, or set on fire….”


Here is a story of a man whose fiancé was snatched by a Negro lover two decades ago. But this loser never went after the Negro, instead he’s been stalking and threatening every black man he saw with women of different race including some celebrities like Taye Diggs (pic insert) who is married to a white woman, Idina Menzel. What really makes this story more bizarre is that this guy spent all these years following other black men around and he never summoned up the courage to physically confront the guy who took his potential wife. What a coward!

click this line for full article in NYT


“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.” —Robert Frost



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