African Witchcraft! Real Cat Women: Ain’t No Halle Berry’s Bullshit

25 05 2008

Being a native African, I can tell you that there are some pets which my people aren’t fond of at all. Owls and Cats would top the list of Africans’ most hated pets, but favorite of witchcraft for their agility and scary looks. That is, ghoulish individuals could transform into cats or owls in order to travel long distant for their vampire mission. So, it is no surprise that in a Nigerian coastal city of Port Harcourt, a biker ran down a group of cats with no guilt; but as it turned out, those travelling cats (one of them inset) are human assassins on routine bloody assignments.

Click here for full story: Cat Woman for real!!

Acted-up cat woman, Halle Berry>


“The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards.” —Arthur Koestler



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