Despite Husband’s Sex Scandal, Silda Spitzer Still Shines

26 05 2008

Despite the pain and embarrassment caused by her husband’s sex tryst, Silda Spitzer came out this past week looking very beautiful and better than most Hollywood actresses. Coincidentally, she appeared on the same NY Sunday Daily News page#3 (hard copy) with American’s most overrated actress, Sarah Jessica Parker of “Sex and the City.” However, Mrs. Spitzer stands out from all the celebrities on that page gallery, including Naomi Campbell.

When the whole world gone Spitzer-bashing, there are good reasons why I did not really go with flow. Except a quick reference to Eliot Spitzer in recent article “Why Ugly Guys Are So Hot.” Some times, you can’t really get between husband and wife no matter what. From distant, it is easy for Andrea Peysers of the world to call Eliot Spitzer all kinds of derogatory names under the sun [scumbag, bum, dog, cheater, liar, terrorist abuser, psychopath, lowlife, etc, etc]. NY Post’s Andrea Peyser, and her media gang from other outlets, ran continuous articles encouraging Silda Spitzer to leave her husband. But only Mrs. Spitzer and her family know better; and it is good that she did not fall for media criticism of her husband. And I wonder how those critics feel now that they see her beaming and looking charming – no stress- as ever.

While there is no moral value in extramarital affair, we should remember that most famous marriages don’t always break because the husbands are cheating. Eleanor Roosevelt and Hilary Clinton survived; even Jacqueline (Jackie) Kennedy would have survived it if John F Kennedy was caught red-handed with Marylyn Monroe. So would Silda Spitzer survive too. The effectiveness of the over-used cliché “media can break you” might have waned in today’s society. In family crisis, people are putting loves first. It takes a strong lady to use media outrage to her own advantage. Silda Spitzer chose to turn the table. Her husband gave heartbreak but she forgave and never let media hypercritics break her family apart.

Above pic: Silda Spitzer, Ali Wentworth & George Stephanopoulos


“Two important things are to have a genuine interest in people and to be kind to them. Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything.” —- Isaac Bashevis Singer



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26 05 2008

Interesting piece …

28 05 2008

Very Good Observation.

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