Three Governors’re Down, Another One’s Hanging

30 05 2008

Few events that unfolded within the first half of this year make me wonder what is going on in New York State of mine. As a result, my mind keeps flashing back to a book I once red “Where Have All The leaders Gone” by Lee Iacocca. The tune in that book is very blunt and direct. Iacocca was one of the most powerful and effective honchos in corporate world. Simply put, he is the Jack Welch of the auto industry. In the book, he basically criticizes dwindling moral value, lack of ethics, and undiplomatic attitude of the U.S. political leaders. Even though, the book seemed to focus more on what is going on in Washington DC, the overall theme shows leadership flaws and misconducts around the nation. Perhaps, elected official are more suicidal (in their responsibilities) than depressed citizens. I mean, what could make leaders, who seemingly have it all, do dump things such as corruption or philandering.

Within the last few years in New York and the tristate area, we had Gov. John Rowland of Connecticut which was convicted for corruption. Two years later, Jim McGreevey of New Jersey came out of the closet and resigned due to his sexual orientation. Then came recently the biggest: the empire state’s Emperor Eliot Spitzer was canned for ‘hooker-banging”. As it turned out, Spitzer’s replacement, David Patterson, is no saint either; his unofficial inaugurations speeches was tainted with his sexual exploits including how we, the tax-payers, are footing his erotic indulgence. It actually had to take the intervention of some news editorials such Westchester’s Journal News and The NY Daily News’ Mike Lupica to zip the new governor’s chattering. Apparently, Gov. Patterson takes pleasure in talking about how he got laid – by women, however he’s fair enough to fully support gay marriage.

Naturally, some men stroke their own ego by talking about how many ladies they have conquered, but we really don’t want to hear such vaunts from our elected leaders. Sexual conquest might have shown the measure of a man in the biblical age – remember King Solomon‘s over 800 wives/concubines; in today’s society such habit amounts to nothing but weakness or sickness. Now, David Patterson should be worrying about potential political opponents if he wants to seek election at the end of his term.

The democrats have every reason to be concerned about the next New York gubernatorial election. Apart from governor’s sex scandal, there is a health issue which could be factored into his ability to remain in office for long. Hopefully, Gov. Patterson would get a ‘clean bill of health’ from his scheduled eye operation in July. Wishing him the best.


“If you lose people’s trust, you lose every thing.” — Unknown



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