Tyra Banks: Beyond The Exposure Limit

2 06 2008

I am sitting right here and looking @ this curvy chick. I can’t take my eyes off her hips; I am thinking: is that her natural hips or padded? It surely looks like part of make-ups to me. Anyway, if I am privileged to have to see her completely nude, I could think otherwise. Enough of that distraction, the NY Times did a lengthy profile on Tyra Banks over the weekend. Thanks to a smart NYT’s reporter, Lynn Hirschberg, who must have spent days or a whole week at Tyra’s Villa. Imagine over 10 pages of articles plus ton of pix with different postures. Then, light + camera + action = minivideo. In short, the setup is enough to make ‘Tyra’ a monthly magazine enterprise.

Frankly, the whole ceremony looks like a special advertisement for Tyra Banks. Perhaps, a sign of bigger things to come. When I hit NYT site yesterday, I wasn’t really feeling the Tyra’s caption because I felt there is nothing new to know about her. But for hours, between NYTimes.com and other sites I visited, Tyra Banks’ picture just remained featured permanently on the front page competing with the New York Times logo. Then, I figured this must be something special and clicked through the entire pages. In fact, there was nothing more spectacular about her pictures. We all know she’s beautiful, what she did here-there, and how she got it made. Literally, it’s mostly the same tales she’s been telling in the media for years.

Personally, I suppose NYT should have used their good ‘publishing resources’ – spent on Tyra Banks – to promote those struggling models on “American Next Top Model” or those wannabes that line Madison Avenue. I mean, what more publicity could a power-house lady – with [inter] nationally syndicated shows – like Tyra needs. I suspect since the article emphasizes on ‘Brandability’, New York Times might be the brand consultant to promote Tyra Banks’ s signature. If that’s the case, it would only be ethical for NYT to give full disclosure to the public.

There is no doubt, the whole article is well-written and the video is cool, featuring her 275 made-up smiles. But I wonder how come it did not make it to the site’s ‘Most Popular’ list. Perhaps, some viewers saw the minivideo and thought she’s ‘unreal’ by giving Martha Stewart praises without mentioning Oprah, given the fact that her show is more similar to Oprah’s than to Martha’s [actually, she’s one of the few black chicks who pretend not to give a bam!!! about Oprah]. Or, it could be like I felt initially: some ignored the ‘featured profile’ because they think she’s too-every where. This means it’s not impossible that Tyra Banks’ over exposure could be reaching the point of “diminishing return.”


“Consultant is a person who saves his/her clients enough money to pay his/her fee.” —— A. H. Glasgow



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2 06 2008

Hey Makossa, that’s her hips for real. That sista got some body asset if U know what I mean. I have couples of her postals with some pix from her vogue days. I got Naomi too… Yeah she doesn’t need all those New York Times craps… you got me on that one, bro.

2 06 2008
Mak Ossa

Hi KoolCat:
I know the sista is bodily endowed- as evidenced in her Victoria Secret’s shots – but I just think this one could have been embellished a lit bit. In fashion world there are lots of superficial stuff to make impressions.

7 06 2008

I don’t really like the quote about “consultant”. Being a PR consultant myself, I felt offended by that comment, as if consultants are only for the buck. I think you need to do more research on consulting before you can prejudge what is all about. There many business or talent which would have gone under without consultants’ assistance.

7 06 2008
Mak Ossa

This very topic is not about consulting and I don’t mean to disrespect any one’s profession. I just mentioned that as a passing comment. The quote that angered you was made by A H Glasgow; so I can’t help you with that. Besides, I know all there is to know about consulting service. You know as well as I do that not everybody needs consultants in every endeavor.
What about this quote: “Consultants are people that check your grandpa clock and tell you what time it is.” Fair enough?

22 10 2008

Well said.

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