Star Jones’ Ex Lover Reinvented, Displays Some Body-Asset

6 06 2008

Two years ago, we all know how one of The View’s talking heads, Star Jones, got involved with a “pretty ricky” called Al Reynolds (1st left inset) Some probably thought: why she is so crazy about the allegedly gay boy-toy. Well, this is it!! Now that their marriage is over, the loverboy is putting himself on the market again; Thanks to UnderArmour underwear brand, he got a shot at being a model, at least to display part of his natural asset that put Star Jones under his spell at first sight. Clearly, he is no Tyson Beckford or Djimon Hounsou [the two Calvin Klein poster boys]. But he got the ‘abs’ that could dazzle some lonely hearts. Who knows, the dude might be lucky to attract another famous lady, to further his agenda.

Fame aside, it’s obvious that the brother like them ladies “thick”; when his marriage broke up, all we could get from him and Jones is: “he said, she said” but one fact that was ignored by most people is that this guy was married to “fat lady” Star Jones. And when a black man married a fat chick, he would want her to remain fat because that ‘meaty’ figure is one reason he wanted the woman in the first place. Experiences have shown that confident ‘full-figure’ women could be really sexier than the ‘skinnies’. Perhaps, the untold story of their break-up is that Al Reynolds missed that ‘fleshy stuff’ after Jones shed her weight. And that “bony shape” is a no-no!! to a guy who has gotten used eating full flesh.

Despite what happened in his matrimony, there is no doubt that the guy would never lack; there is a lot full-figure women out there. But if he is really looking for another celebrity babe, Monique (above right inset) could be a perfect match and should be at the top of his targeted-list. The reasons are:

1.        He won’t miss his deflated ex-wife much because Monique looks like the real Jones’ twin sister.

2.      Monique is one hell of a “thick madam” who would never disfigure.

3.        Monique is more accomplished in show business and has fewer enemies than Star Jones.

And oh! and the brother has ranted out who he really is too, in some AP articles.

The “real” Star Jones turned “bony”







“The most difficult years of marriage are those following the wedding.” —–Benjamin Franklin



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18 06 2008
Think U’re Fat? Check this out: Big-bone and Sexy! « MediaWhiZZ .com

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19 09 2011

That first picture is Monique- not Star Jones. lol

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