Serbian ‘Thug’ Can Only Hide So Far

5 07 2008

Breaking the law is always a losing proposition. Making it even worse is when people deliberately make wrong choices and think they would get away with it. For instance, I would imagine how dumb people are when they leave a scene of an accident. If stuff happens unintentionally and you run away from the scene that automatically make you a criminal, even if you are Mother Teresa.

Before I go deep into the main point, I’d mention this: Yesterday, I heard on CBS Radio that a boy was hit by a car in New York City. Luckily, the boy survived and the driver was never charged. Apparently, he wasn’t found guilty because he did not leave the scene of the accident: probably he showed remorse, and explained what happened to the authority. In similar situations that happened in the past, there are many drivers who are serving jail-term for leaving scene of accidents. Whereas, there is 90% chance that that those convicted drivers wouldn’t have been charged if they hadn’t run away – excluding D.W.I. cases (driving while intoxicated). Sometimes, I think it is ignorance of the law or simply cold-heartedness that makes people walk away when they should have stayed.

The aforementioned examples might seem a bit off but it is correlates to a recent bar brawl between two college male students over a girl, in Binghamton NY; and which has become a case of international man-hunt. While the victim, Bryan Steinhauer (right inset), is recovering at the hospital; the offender, Miladin Kovacevic (left inset), fled United States to his native land – jumped $100,000 bail. His parents, in Serbia, remain defiant claiming their son’s innocence and even admitted plotting his escape with the help of a Serbian Consul, Slobodan Nenodovic, in New York. The inset’s from NY Post with full caption: “[parents] Vow suspect in NY coma Kid’s beating won’t return to face justice amid U.S. ‘media circus’.” The parent are the ones who actually created media circus now that  they organized their son’s escape.  In another report, a relative, in New York, whom the culprit once lived with, bragged: “I know him, you (U.S.) will never find him.”

The irony of this matter is that the offender comes from a professional family – surgeon father & psychiatrist mother – who serve in Serbian justice system to crack criminal cases. And  helping  their  government to convict offenders. One would have thought parents of such caliber – knowing full implication of the law – would have advised their son to face U.S. justice, in defense. Resources and connection used for the escaped could have been well spent to hire good defense lawyers here in the U.S. It makes no calculative sense for any learned person, including the accomplice diplomat, to advise this thug to escape justice.

If this is an aggravated assault, which was what it appeared to be, the offender could get out of jail in less than 18 months- with good behavior.. Luckily, the victim did not die; otherwise it would have resulted to man-slaughter. But as it is now, Malidin would end up getting longer jail term for eluding justice. Or how can he have peace of mind while on the run? Sooner or later, this guy would wish he had stayed because it’s going to be too costly to him mentally and emotional drain on his family as long as he is being wanted. If Branka and Peter Kovacevic believe their son’s action was in self defense [as they claimed], why encouraged him to run away?

Well, if the Kovacevics think their Serbian government connection or kickbacks would prevent their son’s extradition, they still live in the world of Slobodan Milošević. No doubt, such corrupt mentality could work in places like Iran, Cuba, or North Korea.  It would even make it worst for the family when his picture hit “American Most Wanted.” With Interpol and FBI networks coupled with U.S. bilateral relation with Serbia, it’s only a matter of time before the thug gets extradited back to the United States for justice.


“The head never rules the heart, but just becomes it’s partner in crime.”—- Mignon McLaughlin

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15 responses

17 07 2008

WTF is going on with the world? In Brooklyn some Jewish kid POPPED HIS COLLAR and tried to hit on the girlfriend of a ~7 foot tall Serb basketball player. And the Jewish kids parents have the balls to be surprised when their kid gets beaten into a coma. No seriously, look at this s***
F******** scroll down just to see the difference in their school photos, and ask yourself, if you were the little Jewish boy with the small ****, would you hit on that guys girlfriend?

17 07 2008
Mak Ossa

I don’t agree with that thought.

First off, it was not in Brooklyn, it happened in upstate New York. The 7ft of a guy should have put his smaller opponent size into consideration. Most of the kickings was done when the “smaller sized victim” was lying on the floor. Besides, when you hit someone and he falls, you need to back off.

Probably, this big dude just wanted to impress some girls in that bar. BTW, it was a fight over a girl (Melissa Cartagena) and she is not even the big guy’s girl: this dude should have left the fight to her boyfriend…

The girl in question and her boyfriend are, perhaps, some where smooching right now while the Serbian guy is watching his back every second where ever he goes.. time in jail would be more peaceful.

25 07 2008

Guy is a hero!

6 08 2008
WTF-I wuda don da same ting

Hi, I think Miladin reacted in the same manner that any normal guy would have reacted. Specifically, if your with close friends and their partners. In this case, I think that the little Ju boy should have taken size into consideration and moral descency by knowing that the girl was “taken” by one of the players…. How stupid can you be, putting your puny self in the line of fire, knowing that you are going to get hit….. thats just provoaction. I think the whole fight was carefully planned by Mr. Steinhauer in order to expel or academically “hurt” Mr. Kovacevic due to a certain unknown grudge against him that we will probably never uncover …. besides… i dont buy that Comma bullshit… show me some pictures please…. All i see is Mr. Kovacevic all over the press but i dont see our poor Brooklyn Ju anywhere lying in a hospital bed….. All of THIS is REALLY FishY!!!!!!!

7 08 2008

Are you people out of your freaking minds? The serbian government needs to return this guy here, if he is a fugitive for crimes commited in continental US then he needs to stand trial in the US; and that asshole of Serbian official (from the embassy) that relinquished him the emergency papers (without authorization and while breaking internation law) needs to appear before a court in Hague. Freaking serb faggot, he found this good kid to show off with, I just wish I find one of these faggots in one of the clubs I go to, I will blow his f*cking head off before he can even say Kosovo.

PS. I am a bit biased because I am Albanian :), but in all honesty this guy needs to stand trial, that statement is not biased.

7 08 2008
Mak Ossa

It is only other knuckleheads who would consider this ‘big jerk’ a hero. Hero doesn’t run into hiding. Perhaps, ‘hero of the cowards” would be appropriate word.

The bone of contention is why he ran away from justice? This case wouldn’t be this dramatic if this guy had stayed. Of course, he had a right to defend himself and he would have had better case if he had defended himself in court as well. If his pictures are all over the internet, blame him and those who helped him escape because they had made him a wanted fugitive. It is a small world; history would show that nobody escapes justice forever. If U.S. wants, he can be captured today but diplomatic means comes first. Sooner or later, he would have his day in court. Any delay would do him or Serbia no good. As New York Senator Charles Schumer said, think of tens of millions dollar in economic sanctions and much more. The interest of Serbia should be greater than one man’s. Radovan Karadzic who committed genocide hide for 10 years; isn’t he facing justice now? You can only run but you can’t hide forever.. Think about that.

@ Ardian
You have a good point. It all about fair justice.

8 08 2008

God save and bless Milan !
He done the right ………..

Steinhauer – Senator Schumer – Hillary Clinton- etc… all this nice Jewish people…all against a orthodox Serb…..

I telling you..Milan had done the right…and God bless his hand and his shoes…

21 08 2008

@ ardian – I think that you are not right. Now, Serbia has no obligation to extradict it’s citizen. The same rule applies in USA as well. USA went even further by apllying pressure to the rest of the world not to extradict their citizens to International Courts, like the one in Hague.

How can he expect fair trial in USA after all of this. Remember OJ ? Fair?

And another point. How come we never got to see Brian’s photos. Maybe I haven’t tried enough, but just to trust victim’s words is not enough for me. It would be the same to trust Miladin if he said I have nothing to do with it…

21 08 2008
Mak Ossa

It’s absurd! to compare this case to OJ’s. Let’s talk common sense. Personally, I could careless because I know neither of these guys. I’m not even an American; I am a native African who happens to reside in New York. I’m making my comments from legal standpoint. If this tragic beating could happen to Brian Steinhauer, it could happen to anybody – including YOU. But it appears some Miladin countrymen are getting too emotional over this matter rather than facing the reality. Every civilized nation has laws and obligation to protect its citizens ONLY IF the citizens behave in a civil ways – and not someone who fled from scene of a crime.

Regardless of what you say of United States, this country has the fairest legal system in the world and I believe if any American citizen committed a crime overseas, believe it, he/she would be arrested by the FBI and be sent back to where the crime is committed to face justice. If you say Serbia has no obligation, how would you feel if someone kills in Serbia and fled to his/her country? ….I bet Serbian govt would have made the same request the Americans are making. If every country behaves like Serbia, many immigrants worldwide would be committing crime and escape to their home countries – just like that – with no repercussion.

Even if a countries do not have extradition law, there is always bilateral agreement and international laws in place which can be applied. If I personally know Miladin, I’ll tell the ‘big dude’ to be a man, turn yourself in and get over it, bro. That way everyone would sleep better. We all have to take responsibility for our actions; even if we make mistake.

30 09 2008
DR Jurgen

Somebody commits a crime, in this case endangering life, than flees the country by breaking the law again on the bail and court case, his own country officials break the laws for him by providing illegal fake documents for him to flee. In his own country he is not charged and not pursued according to Interpol standards, by breaking more agreements.

And some of you tell “God to bless him” and make religious comments also. It seems the countrymen of the fugitive are some Satanists who would love to see the laws we set up from experience disappear for country pride or something. Insane..

Where are my tax dollars when we need to restore justice for OUR citizens at HOME????

9 11 2008

First of all, kudos to the author.
It’s well balanced, no generalization, no malicious propaganda. Very coolheaded.

As far as Miladin is concerned, the guys should go to court regardless of the circumstances. How when and where? It’s up to US and Serbian diplomats now.

I don’t know what happened in that bar but what I do know is that Serbian consul messed things up. What the hell was he doing there after Serbia revoked its diplomats, I have no idea. Is it a common thing in such situations? Who cares! One thing’s for sure – he broke the law and he deserves a proper punishment.

What bothers me is what’s happening with his buddies, Edin Dzubar and Santel Softic? How come that journalists bothered to go and look for Kovacevic’s boasty cousin but nobody went to interview Edin and Santel or the girl involved? Any witnesses?

That’s the only thing that bothers me because it would certainly shed some light on the incident.

9 11 2008
Mak Ossa

According to reliable sources, everyone involved has been questioned by the investigators, including the lady. But full prosecution pends as the real offender is no where to be found.
Unlike the main suspect, all the accomplices are in U.S. But I don’t if the abetting diplomat still works in the Serbian embassy here in NY. I hear the consul is facing some serious charges back home. I believe all parties would wish this case be over ASAP. Serbian govt has more to gain if they act against the interest of an offender who broke the law at home or overseas.

22 04 2009

First things first, what Bryan did was wrong. He started the altercation, first by groping the girl, then by headbutting the boyfriend of the girl. I would have beaten a guy who did something like that to my girlfriend or my friend.

But where the Serbian guy went wrong first was to have not stopped when the Bryan was down. People make mistakes, once they are down it doesn’t make sense to continue aggression.

Secondly Miladin should not have fled the law. Of course I don’t believe he can be brought back to US due to absence of extradition laws (which is fair as US has no extradition laws), nor can FBI or Interpol do anything here like some overly excited person commented above, but i believe he should be punished in a fair trial in Serbia, and I believe that his retribution should be made milder by the fact that he was only protecting a friend, and that he was drunk, (which indicates that he is not a person of criminal tendencies, and was only acting on impulse and hence is not a nuisance to the society).

I am just amazed however by the stupidity of Bryan to try and broach a fight with someone his size. Anyways…

12 05 2009

Kikes belive that they can afford anything.They are more than the others.
Bryan Steinhauer got what he deserved.A good precedent was set.

12 05 2009
Irate over this Bullshit

I can not believe human beings would do this to each other. The guy on the run needs to be returned to the US, stand trial for what he did to another human (regardless of his nationality or religion) and every person who would like to needs to be able to kick him in the head! An eye for an eye is how it goes. I’d like to be in line for the head bashing of this M’fer myself!
May God be with Bryan and his family!

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