A Woman’s Breast Bra Served As A Bat Nest

10 07 2008

It’s romantic when ladies, in general, feel exotic touches on their succulent breasts, especially from lovely men. But it could be a bizarre feeling when the touch comes from one of the ugliest animals on earth: a bat! According to BBC, that’s what happened to an hotel receptionist, Abbie Hawkins, who unknowingly accommodated a bat on breast for five hours before realizing it.

When she felt something vibrating in her bra, she thought it was her cell phone. As she later pulled it out, she got the shock of her life as a bat came out rearing its ugly head. She has no idea where the stranger came from or how it got into the warm comfort of her  “juicy double”. Nevertheless, Ms. Hawkins later said: “[eeh! it tickles..] I felt quite sorry for it. Perhaps I should have left it there and given it a good home.”

Really, the ‘baby bat’ must have been sucking milk from Ms Hawkins’ breast; and now she is having a maternal emotion for it – to keep as a baby. But unfortunately the bat flew away thinking no “hotel accommodation”. What a lost!!

Quote of the day:

“There is a passion for hunting something deeply implanted in woman breast.” —- Charles Dickens

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3 responses

15 07 2008

he! he!! it could tickle really …. but I wouldn’t mind being the bat.. I really envy the animal, it must have been like paradise in there. Oooooh!!! See that busty and solid boobs

15 07 2008
Mak Ossa

@ Galigali:
Don’t get too fantasize over this. The pix you are looking at is a model. I don’t know if Abbie Hawkins is white or black woman. I analyzed the story and present those pictures to make a point. BTW, on behalf of Ms. Hawkins thanks for the comment. I’m sure she would be flattered.

16 11 2019
samir sardana

What is the story of the evolution of the dress sense of an Indian ?

where would the Indians be w/o the Mughals and Greeks and Brits ?

The Mughals civilised the Hindoo ! Hindoo women used to move around top less with just a triangle shaped loin cloth and used to pierce their breasts !

Babar & the Mughals civilised the Hindoos ! Read this verse from the Ramayana – when Ravana describes Seeta ! dindooohindoo ! This will nail the contribution of Mughals to Hindooism and India !


“Your hips are beamy, thighs burly akin to elephant’s trunks, & these two breasts of yours that are ornamented with best jewellery are rotund, rubbing &bumping each other, &they are swinging up & up, their nipples are brawny &jutting out, & they are smoothish like palm-fruits, thus they are covetable for they are beautiful.

“Oh, allurer, your smile is alluring, teeth are alluring, &your eyes allure, oh, beauty, your waist is palmful, your hair velvety, your breasts are jostling, &you rob my soul as a spate robs riverbank. [3-46-21, 22a]

It will be obvious EVEN to the AG of the Indian Government, that Seeta was topless &wearing a loincloth – and prancing her wares in front of Ravana. THE MUGHALS TAUGHT THE HINDOOS TO WEAR CLOTHES & DO PROPER ABLUTIONS !

You have to give credit when and where it is due

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