Unwanted VA Beauty Becomes New York Queen

22 07 2008

This is a typical classic case of “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.” Obviously New York has good eyes for beauty than other cities in America. It is widespread seeing small-town hotties making it big, beyond their widest dream, after settling in New York. Leigh-Taylor Smith is a 22 yrs Virginia native who moved to Manhattan after losing some beauty contests in Virginia, for two consecutive years. Within a year in New York, she was crowned “Miss Brooklyn” last February. And yesterday, she won the State Crown for “Miss New York.” Not too bad for perhaps a village girl who relocated to NY last year. She’s vowed her next win would be Miss U.S.A, a title held by another small town girl, Tara Conner from Kentucky.

As this fate unfolded, many Virginians are proud of her. So exited they are that a major news headline in Virginia exclaimed: She’s from here!! She’s from here!!! Yeah right! losers; after you dumped her? But Ms Smith might not be getting too much love from many New Yorkers. There has been some residency issue since she won Miss Brooklyn. Luckily, she’s not an illegal alien; otherwise, some people could have asked for her deportation right away. Brooklynites had legitimate reason to beef on this. Why would they swallow the fact that someone who lives in Manhattan, another borough, and for less than a year could take away their crown just like that?  At the time, Ms. Smith couldn’t understand what the ado and hatred is all about. She once said: “I can’t believe all the ‘controversy’ of me taking the title back to Manhattan, I really didn’t expect it.” She told a Brooklyn news outlet.

The Brooklyn organizers came to her defense and issued a statement that they allowed outsiders to participate because there wasn’t enough interested candidates from Brooklyn. – OK, that is a lame excuse for the birds because I have seen better looking women in Brooklyn. – So what happened that this same lady went on to win the State title? Here is another reason from an executive of the New York pageant: “contestants must meet one of three prerequisites constructed by the Miss America Association: have permanent residency, be a full-time student or a full-time employee.”

That said, so out of sixteen contestants across the state of New York, there weren’t enough beautiful chicks? Or could we say because of the huge population here, native NY beauties have melted in the crowd that only  out-of-state hottie would stand out of many heads? Are we really looking closely enough? In my view, these successful non-NYKers (girls) have unparallel swagger that beats most NY beauties hands down. So, the judges must have been impressed by the girl’s attitude – that alone can make any lady stand out from a “sea of beauties.”

Hence, it’s no surprise that some city politicians, such as Anthony Weiner, want to enact laws that would allow easy flow of foreign beauties into New York show/fashion industry.  My advice to New York gals is: Polish Your Swagger!! Notwithstanding, I still love my NY girls; they are fun to be with and I wouldn’t trade them for some beautiful “country pumpkins.”

Quote of the day:
“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.” — –Napoleon Hill



8 responses

24 07 2008

what a lucky girl. the saying goes “you never know what you got until it’s gone.” the loser is the State of Virginia…some folkss there would be biting their fingers now.

24 07 2008

you should know that she is not the only beauties contested in VA..that is competive. someone has to win and it only one crown that can go round

24 07 2008

You must be having lot of fun in New York…Did you called her country and village gal? oooh! Man, i think that is mean.

25 07 2008
Mak Ossa

@ Andysok0:
No.. I use “village & country girl’ just as metaphors. I know she probably came from some big town or city in VA.. And when compare those places to New York there is a big difference. That’s what make her story interesting. She would further daze her hometown nay-sayers if she wins Miss USA…this story is analogous to the book “Who Move My Cheese.” ….mmh fascinating

28 07 2008

ok first of all.. miss america and miss U.S.A. are two very different organizations.. Miss new york goes to Miss America after she wins… NOT miss U.S.A. .. check your facts

29 07 2008
Mak Ossa

@ Anon:
Thanks for pointing that out..Miss America or Miss U.S.A, it is not going to hurt if she goes for either one. Or she might as well give both a shot simultaneously…with huge exposure that comes with those, she’d have nothing to lose.

22 09 2008

Virginia’s loss, not the first time they have messed up.
Good luck Leigh Taylor, I will be pulling for you

12 12 2008

Southern beauty pagents are a way of life. Competition is probably much stronger in the South because more girls enter. I’m surprised she won the Miss New York title.

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