Sarah Palin: “Wild Life” Runs in the Family

11 09 2008

Sara Palin, Bristol Palin aka gunhead, boozehead. So much for the so called “hockey mum” who is accusing the media for pointing out her family flaws. C’mon hottie, you are running for the highest in the land. Holding public office means subjecting yourself to scrutiny. You can’t just put a pretty face-on and expect Americans’ vote just like that. Actually, one has to be skeptic of pretty faces because 8 out of 10, they would have some form of skeletons in their closet.

To attest to such instance, the media have done some job exposing some of the plaques on Sarah Palin’ cheerleader appearance. A lady who prides herself as a mom; can her family exemplifies American family value? Hell no!! Not her with gun-loving record and alcohol drinking household (as she is shown, inset with some pot-smoking dude in the back ground). BTW, I never knew they wear bikini in frigid cold Alaska. And daughter, Bristol, display guns and gulping spirit like juice. Oh yeah! They can blame that on the weather too. In this age, there are many things teenagers can do in their time than having sex, messing with gun, or being a boozehead.

It is remains to be seen how the deeds of a “wild child” would affect the VP candidacy of a mother. It could be okay for an average citizen to party like animal with bottles of alcohol on both hand.s More also it is cool for ‘gun right’ advocates to  showoff  their arsenal for friends to see. But this type of indulgent could be a serious concern if it’s involved elected public figures.

There has been political rhetoric of “keeping the kids out” of political jabs. But who is to blame when a republican presumptive VP Sarah Palin can not control her teenagers – encouraging “unprotected Sex” to  pregnancy? The family we’ve seen since her nomination is as cosmetic as Sarah’s ‘lipstick’ – on a pig? Maybe. It wouldn’t be a surprise if there are more skeletons than what we have seen so far. I can only imagine how she can lead this nation with a ‘morally dysfunctional‘  family in the Whitehouse.

Sarah’s Parodies Below



7 responses

13 10 2008

u should not be helping meany

13 10 2008

Hey salin palin I realy hope. Mcain doesnt get relected because you would not help this world.

24 10 2008
Colonel Ray

You forgot to mention Obama using cocaine !

24 10 2008
Mak Ossa

Hey colonel…. this not a political blog. I don’t take party sides. I just give my opinion as I see thing. By the way I would be glad if you can send me Obama picture while sniffing that “coke” you mentioned.

9 11 2008

I know it’s a little bit late…but, you guys do know that bikini picture is fake right?…somebody Photoshopped her face on a picture of someone else.

It’s pretty irresponsible of you not to note that.

9 11 2008
Mak Ossa

Hey Stephen,
I’m not interested in her bikini; besides, there is nothing bad in her wearing U.S. flagged undies which makes her more patriotic. I’m more concerned on her ‘love for guns’ and Bristol irresponsibly placing her boozing-pictures on Facebook profile. ….You don’t do that if your mama or papa holds public office.

15 09 2010

What have guns have to do with morals or family values?

I don’t think you understand what either “family values” or “morals” mean if you associate either with gun ownership or advocacy.

In my experience and opinion, being willing to protect your family, up to and including killing a threat to your family with a gun, is the height of family values.

Being convinced the best way to protect your family is to call 911 and cry in a corner while your children are getting raped and carved up n front of you is not a family value, it is weakness and cowardice.

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