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Welcome to MediaWhiZZ.com formerly Radiocrat.com. This is a weblog of a NYC media & culture critic. Thanks for checking it out. This blog is a means to connote some thoughts or analyze ‘whatsup’ around the World. The views here are not limited to one scope of life. The discussions would involve critical matters – that affect humankind – in random and diverse ways. I can hit on any topic as ancient as the Roman Empire and as hot!! as Obama. The contents would be discerning and de facto unbiased.

By the way I am your host, Mak Ossa. I like the fact that I am not under any pressure to write but that does not mean it would be sporadic. I would be dissecting various media reports – on both current and past events – as frequent as time permits.

Quote of the day:

Every man has a right to his opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts.– Bernard Baruch

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One response

18 05 2008

Welcome to our world. I think you have a good start by kicking some butts, especially your posts on Obama. Even though I am somewhat Obamaniac, I think you had some good points. That’t ok well people have different views….

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