Tommy & Pamela: A Disgusting Marriage Model

2 07 2008

Feminists would argue that “what’s good for the goose is good for  the gander.” But when it comes to women sexing around, that rule shouldn’t be applicable. It’s a serious moral issue, especially when kids are involved, but not for Pamela Anderson.

Celebrities, by default, are the most salacious animals of humankind – with their druggy and pornographic lifestyles available for public consumption. Who are you going to blame in this tabloidly paparazzi-infested society? Lewd exposure of stuff that should be private abounds every where. CelebX sleeping with celebY and celebXX doing it celebYZ. Who really cares about what horny celebrities are doing except that they overdo it under the magnifying lenses of media jackals.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s marital-orgy is a ro-ro (roll-off, roll-on) which reignited again after years of divorce with back-to-back relationships with various sex partners. In the Rolling Stones Magazine, Lee said: “Pamela and the kids have moved in with me, it’s awesome, man. It’s definitely working. You can tell on the kids’ faces – they’re happy.” Of course, the kid would be happy. But that is not the full story behind the reunion, Mr. Lee. “We do it for the kids” is a cliché better saved for stuck-on stupid married couples. What would happen when the kids become adults and leave home. Break up again?

Lee-Anderson’s relationship exemplifies a real messed-up affair which has no moral value especially for their kids. Here is a lady who, during her first divorce, got involve with five men (there could be more), married two of them and divorced in sequence. Now she is back with her first beau. Her “tasted Johns” include estate developer Laurence Hallier, actor Stephen Dorff,  model Marcus Schenkenberg, singer Kid Rock, and Rick Salomon whose only major accomplishment is the porno tape he co-starred with Paris Hilton. I doubt if Tommy Lee had much luck in getting laid as his wife during the course of their break-up.

If there is any pain for a man in Tommy Lee’s situation, it is psychological. Men are neither wired like women nor could stand their women being banged by other men. Making it worse for Lee, Pamela’s sexcapes were well publicized. It would have boosted the man’s pride or overlooked if she did her thing privately. Tommy Lee really looks like a wimp right now. It is like saying is okay for married couples to divorce, sleep around with various partners for few years and then renew their marriage again.

Apparently despite his rock-star status, Tommy Lee is not a man of sexual ego or prowess. It’s no surprise that Pamela once said she is yet to meet a man who had it all sexually. Physically, Pamela Anderson hasn’t been all that dented with her free-for-all sex galore. But mentally, Tommy Lee would have to deal the s#*t she brought from ex-flames. She could say she carries nothing over from these men, but on a man’s mind it would be there.

It is this type of thought that wouldn’t let most men take back adulterous women. How can I knowingly take back a woman who has been decked – not by one motherf*rk@r but many? Please…there are “plenty of fish” – fresh ones: legally blondes with naturally endowed breasts, including virgins.



”Women react differently: a French woman who sees herself betrayed by her husband will kill his mistress; an Italian will kill her husband; a Spaniard will kill both; and a German will kill herself.”—Bernard Fontenelle


Ice T hit Soulja Boy: State of Rap not in ‘Ice Age’

26 06 2008

Isn’t it dumb for legendary Ice T, 49, who built a solid reputation in two decades, to ignite flames that could melt him? Or is Ice (T) too cold lately (being a retired rapper) that he thinks the best way to heat-up is to start a brawl with a hot rapper, Soulja Boy, 17? In what appeared to be (another) brewing rap-war between generational-gapped rappers: ‘old school’ Ice T accused ‘new school’ Soulja Boy of single-handedly killed hip-hop – in reference to Soulja Boy’s super-man lyric which Ice T dismissed as garbage. And then he told the boy to “eat a dick.” In entertainment industry where beefing between rappers has become a means to huge record sales, one who have thought that rivalry with fresh-face Soulja Boy would come from some new generation rappers but iconic rapper like Ice T.

No doubt, Ice T got it made even before Soulja Boy was born. And he (Ice T) bragged he is not looking for money – because he has all the money he could make. True, his success can not be disputed with eight albums and over thirty films under his belt; he is surely a force to reckon with in entertainment world. But it’s a colossal error for him to dis a rising artist like Soulja Boy. Among many reasons why “Ice” shouldn’t have melted so low are:

  • The two rappers are generations apart – 32 years difference is no joke. What worked in hip-hop during Ice T’s music career peak [hip-hop’s “Ice Age”] does not work nowadays, and vice versa.
  • Ice T should have been a mentor to the boy. Why not call the teenager and give advice instead of ranting him out publicly on YouTube.
  • For the fact that Soulja Boy was nominated for 2008 Grammy, Ice T, a music vet, should have known better the kid’s s#*t is tight – i.e. Soulja has huge following, at least among the youths, which could solidify him as a future mainstream rapper.
  • Ironically, Ice T is like “a ‘pot’ calling ‘kettle’ black.” Throwback, he helped pioneer raunchy lyrics mixed with gangster rap that glorify guns violent and degrade women. So on moral ground, little Soulja Boy beats Ice T.

The reasons list could go on. My view does not mean I am a fan of Soulja Boy, as I am too old for his lyric. Needless to say, I have Ice T’s music collection but none of Soulja Boy’s. I’m analyzing from Ice T fan’s standpoint which I am, but no too deeply. Ice T, a retired rapper who is now a full-time Hollywood actor should know that there would always be audience for any kind of music: good, shitty, cheesy or whatever. Music entertainment is a big pie, so to speak; and creative artists would always get their bites. Saying one rapper killed hip-hop is an understatement. Soulja Boy re-innovates hip-hop to his own style; otherwise his music wouldn’t be exploding. Word up!!


“He who lives by fighting with an enemy has an interest in the preservation of the enemy’s life.” —-Friedrich Nietzsche

Think U’re Fat? Check this out: Big-bone and Sexy!

18 06 2008

If you feel insecure about the your “extra poundage” you may need to reconsider. I just received pix from someone who simply said: “I will never complain about my thighs again as long as I live…” Well, I think there are too much ado about people being overweight. Who cares! as long as the person affected feels good about him or herself. In fact, some of the happiest and most bubbling people I’ve ever known are fat; and my sister is one of them. She is the only fat person in the family and the most fascinating one. She loves to party and her gorgeous attires usually make her the envy of so-called slim-girls. Although, my sister is not as big as the lady in the pictures, but she reminds me of her outgoing personality. She would grab the mic at any opportunity and make her self the center of attraction.

For all ‘thick’ ladies, the point here is that: there are some circumstances in life that you might not be able to control. No one can judge you based on your weight or your appearance, without your permission. If people see being fat as your weakness, you owe it to yourself to prove them wrong. That is, turn what they see as weakness into your greatest strength. However, if being heavy compromises your health, I would suggest you shed that kilo. If there is no eminent risk, tell the naysayers to ‘take a hike’ and enjoy your blessed self – it’s God-given. If Monique can build her brand around “thick madam,” why can’t you?


“He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away.” —–Raymond Hull

How To Tell Your Girlfriend She’s Fat

Cameron Diaz, P Diddy: ‘D’ Beauty playing with ‘D’ Beast

9 06 2008

This past week, the Media buzzed about Cameron Diaz’s latest companion who happened to be a ‘playa’ we all know too well. The dude born “Sean Combs” aka “Puff Daddy” aka “Bad Boy” aka “P. Diddy” aka “Sean John” aka what next…? – Phew!!! I’m having headache here. If a guy can have numerous aliases in his life time, then you need to wonder who this guy really is or just conclude that he is man of different characters.

Consequently, it would only be logical for someone like Diddy to thrive on varieties. Some people would say: So what? “Variety is the spice of life.” But variety could be a self-centered and exploitation behavior of seducing women, especially when a music mogul like P.Diddy is involved. Borrowing wisdom from John McCain’s book, “Character is Destiny,” It could be better said that “Character is Integrity.” Undoubtedly, P. Diddy must have gotten integrity in his business dealings otherwise he wouldn’t have been so successful. However, he has “zero integrity” as far as “love deals” are concerned.

Throwback, P. Diddy and his cohort, the late Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie, had lifestyle patterns of being circled by groupies [2 smartest-ass groupies of such encounters are Lil Kim and Faith Evan; both of whom made it big; thanks to Biggie]. Just as B.I.G. was allegedly dating the two aforementioned ladies simultaneously, he had a baby-mama which some claimed to be his common law wife.

This same approach has been a norm for P. Diddy who fathered two children from two different women [ex groupies? Possibly!], while having affair with Jennifer Lopez (J. Lo). When J. Lo became bygone, the Bad Boy was back cripping with one of his baby-mamas, Kim Porter. Two more babies, he was out on the street again looking for more lame chicks. Since his newest babies were born, there has been many reports of him romancing some ‘white chicks’ on the French Riviera and God knows where else… It was also buzzed that there are other faceless jump-offs includes his protégé turned singer, Cassie. And the most recent hi-profile babe attempt before Diaz was Eddie Murphy’s quickie wife, Tracey Edmonds.

Therefore, how in this world could Cameron Diaz hook with P. Diddy? If nothing else, the Bad Boy appellation is enough to make any woman [in her right sense] to run for the hills. If the Diddy-Diaz love-affair materializes, it could be the same old factors of ‘money’ and ‘power’ which can draw even A-listers women to suboptimal men. P. Diddy is what he is. Old habits of womanizing don’t die easily, and many times they never did. In my view, P. Diddy is not slowing down anytime soon in his escapades. He is out to taste very “woman race” on the surface of this planet. He had black Latino, and white chicks. It is only a matter of time before he goes hunting for some ‘Asian’ and ‘Eskimos’ chicks.

As for Cameron Diaz, the best way not to have a broken heart is not to expect anything much from a “rolling stone” like P. Diddy. Hey Cameron, “they say half bread is better than none.” So have fun baby, while it lasted and dust off your skirt when it is over; pretend as if it never happened.


“Success and failure are both difficult to endure. Along with success come drugs, divorce, sex, lies, bullying, depression, and suicide. With failure comes failure.” —— Joseph Heller quotes

What’s Age Got To Do With It

23 05 2008

There is no doubt in my mind that many ‘forgotten’ old artists are still full of it. Nowadays, when the media is being saturated with Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe, American Idols and the celebrity wannabes, you rarely remember the great stars of yesteryears. It seems there is call-for-action among the living-dead artists to resurrect and paraphrase Tina Turner’s greatest hit “What’s age got to do with it.” Donna Summer just dropped a chart climbing hit after 17 years, Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones staged a come back after 19 years, and ‘leggy’ Tina Turner hit the road for concert tours after 9 years. What do these ‘old bags’ have in common? There are mega-stars of 70s – 80s who refused to be forgotten or be put into the back burner. And above up they all still look superb.


I suppose the recent Tina Turner’s performance with Beyonce at the Grammy must have given the old lady needed tonic that bounced her back to life. She really did great on that live performance [but I miss her famous legs, I’m tired of Beyonce’s]. As for Harrison Ford, he had series of other movies in the 90s but none was as stellar as the Indiana Jones series which made him an household name. So, it is a very wise decision to continue the Indiana Jones saga. In the past few years, the disco diva, Donna Summer, released some ‘clubland tracks’ which never hit off into the main stream. This time, she appears to be coming out strong and she is so gorgeous too [in above pic], isn’t she? That could be the transcending factor.


Now, I am just wondering about my girl, Diana Ross; what is she up to lately? Unfortunately, the last time she made major headlines was about getting arrested for ‘drunk driving’. What about Michael Douglass? He had made many good movies but none of them is as spectacular as “Romancing the Stone.” I hope he’s been staying out of trouble. I’m not too thrill about recent comment he made in reference to the World Ambassador of Goodwill, Angelina Jolie, and her adopted kids – Although he later apologized.


Michael Douglass, Diana Ross, Harrison Ford, Donna Summer, and Tina Turner had once reached their heydays in the same era. Seeing their peers pulling it off big in this 21st century should inspire Diana Ross and Mike Douglass to follow suite; except the two have been sentenced to self-prophesied prison-of-no-return. Let’s pray for them and wish them luck.


Old age is defined by vitality than chronology.” —-Lee Eisenerg

‘Lil Mama’ Got The Hype, So Waarrup!

14 05 2008

In the beginning there was a notorious rapper called Lil Kim and 10 years later there was a dangerous one tagged Remy Ma. Integrating the aforementioned rappers’ names, a cute ‘young thang’ called Lil Mama was born and became a media’s darling. Despite her ironic name [as she looks like a baby], the rave reviews she has generated in the past few months is enough to make her hero rappers envious or fade into obscurity. Things have been pretty rough for vets like Foxy Brown and Lil Kim whose serve as sources of inspiration to Lil Mama; coincidentally, these two famous inspirations are certified ex-convicts. In the same path, Remy Ma’s new-found fame was cut short as she was just sentenced to 8 years for attempted man slaughter.

Good enough, Lil Mama did not started out as typical gang star rapper. Probably that is the reason she is being regarded as a new female hip-hop ambassador. So much are the media praises of her that some papers such as People magazine accorded her VYP Title (Voice of the Young People). In dicey entertainment industry, it is a known fact that cost of fame could be very problematic. One could fall as fast as he/she rises. Lil Mama looks sharp and sounds smart; she must have learned from her hero’s missteps.


Hopefully, she would use the knowledge to keep it clean and steer clear of trouble. But one thing though, she would need a priest to exorcize the demons out of Lil kim and remy maMa monikers to avoid bad lucks by name association. You see, thuggish name can make one looks really bad. Remy Ma can tell you as she betrayed her own ‘aka’ and cried to the presiding judge that she is no ‘mama’ that her name is Remy Smith, and it is no wonder Busta Rhythm preferred to be called Mr. Rhythm instead of Busta!! when he was being tried for assault few month ago.


Eventually, hip-hop community would fully realize that rappers don’t have to be violent or thuggish to make hit records. Lesson should be learned from likes of Kanye West and Will Smith who stick to their original names and still made huge impacts in the music world. It’s all about talent.


“You are the embodiment of what you choose to be called and act upon. To change your circumstances you need to change your thinking and subsequent actions.” —–Adlin Sinclair

A Slut Keeps Basking in Cheap Publicity

13 05 2008


I just red a piece on, Ashley Dupre the hooker having some gut to sue GirlsGoneWild and some domainers for “cybersquatting” ?. She got to be kidding. Cyber Squatting is when someone registers a name closely similar to yours and hope to gain from traffic generated from typos or mistypes. I found this law suit ridiculous and I think it would be an uphill battle for Ashley Dupre and her legal team.

As a matter of fact, the name “Dupre” is an adopted name- not her real surname. She was born “Ashley Rae Youmans” and later took on her mother maiden name “DiPietro” and then to “Dupre”. In my view, she is the one cyber-squatting here because as a wananbe-singer she probably took the name ‘Dupre’ to mimic and with hope that Jermaine Dupri’s success would rob off on her. Jermaine Dupri is Janet Jackson‘s fiancé and a mega rapper/super producer behind several hits such, as from Lil Wayne, Mariah Carey, TI, Da Brat and other.

Another legal question is that: Does she have the name trademarked? This legal action appears as a stunt from a shameless ‘slut’ who is looking for cheap publicity. Enjoy her show!


”Prostitution happens to you because of troubles you had. In reality no woman would choose to do that.” —–Catherine Deneuve