A Prostitute Notoriety & Her Very Proud Mother

12 07 2008

“Like mother like daughter!” As if the nude pictures of her daughter circulating over the internet isn’t enough, Carolyn Capalbo had been seen couple of times, since the sex scandal, exposing her own body [too] in public domain. Apparently, she is displaying herself for would-be johns for hire.

The most recent “ass-display” was in Atlantic City. Hooker Ashley Dupre (left inset), who brought down former governor of New York, was spotted with her  very proud mother (right inset) almost butt-naked [creating traffic jam?].  In NY Post, the mother was bragging to a reporter that her daughter is heading to LA [for a TV contract]. Meaning one bad girl is rising to stardom at another man’s peril; and the parent is showing off her slut-child’s ill-gotten accomplishment.

The nature of her cable show is being compared to Tila Tequila’s, which I think is absurd, an unfair media analysis because, unlike Ashley, Tila is no whore in any sense. Any TV show from Ashley Dupre, if any thing, would be an ill of the society. What other skill does she have other than getting laid for dough. Her show probably would teach teenage girls how not to go college and make money by sleeping around with men. In essence, it is like telling girls it’s okay to be streetwalkers and famous for it. Is this world really fair? While many ladies go to school and work hard to be somebody, here is media, MTV, and some hungry productions such as Handprint Entertainment reward an infamous call-girl with a TV contract? It’s sickening, really.

The wish of every parent is for his or her child to grow, get a decent career, and live a responsible life. No one wants his/her offspring to be famous for prostitution, at least not publicly. But for Carolyn Capalbo, she appears to love every bit of it: she’s been using every minute of her daughter’s fame. She claims how good and sweet her daughter is. Despite the notoriety, her little girl is still an angel who can never be blamed for engaging in “sex for pay.”

The issues here is Ashley Dupre lost her $4 K per night job – clearly grounded with no stellar skills to get a standard job. Then she tried to sue GirlsGoneWild and parties for money, but to no avail. So in such situation, she would be desperate for money in order to maintain her lifestyle. And the best option is to turn her notorious fame into a cash cow. Of course, ‘mum’ would be happy since some bucks would surely pass on to her. We’d see how the show goes.

Quote of the day:

“I think it’s unfair that men put laws on a woman’s body, I think a woman has a right to choose with her own body. I mean, I don’t think prostitution is a career. But maybe [it is] a little steppingstone.” —- Heidi Fleiss

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What’s Age Got To Do With It

23 05 2008

There is no doubt in my mind that many ‘forgotten’ old artists are still full of it. Nowadays, when the media is being saturated with Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe, American Idols and the celebrity wannabes, you rarely remember the great stars of yesteryears. It seems there is call-for-action among the living-dead artists to resurrect and paraphrase Tina Turner’s greatest hit “What’s age got to do with it.” Donna Summer just dropped a chart climbing hit after 17 years, Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones staged a come back after 19 years, and ‘leggy’ Tina Turner hit the road for concert tours after 9 years. What do these ‘old bags’ have in common? There are mega-stars of 70s – 80s who refused to be forgotten or be put into the back burner. And above up they all still look superb.


I suppose the recent Tina Turner’s performance with Beyonce at the Grammy must have given the old lady needed tonic that bounced her back to life. She really did great on that live performance [but I miss her famous legs, I’m tired of Beyonce’s]. As for Harrison Ford, he had series of other movies in the 90s but none was as stellar as the Indiana Jones series which made him an household name. So, it is a very wise decision to continue the Indiana Jones saga. In the past few years, the disco diva, Donna Summer, released some ‘clubland tracks’ which never hit off into the main stream. This time, she appears to be coming out strong and she is so gorgeous too [in above pic], isn’t she? That could be the transcending factor.


Now, I am just wondering about my girl, Diana Ross; what is she up to lately? Unfortunately, the last time she made major headlines was about getting arrested for ‘drunk driving’. What about Michael Douglass? He had made many good movies but none of them is as spectacular as “Romancing the Stone.” I hope he’s been staying out of trouble. I’m not too thrill about recent comment he made in reference to the World Ambassador of Goodwill, Angelina Jolie, and her adopted kids – Although he later apologized.


Michael Douglass, Diana Ross, Harrison Ford, Donna Summer, and Tina Turner had once reached their heydays in the same era. Seeing their peers pulling it off big in this 21st century should inspire Diana Ross and Mike Douglass to follow suite; except the two have been sentenced to self-prophesied prison-of-no-return. Let’s pray for them and wish them luck.


Old age is defined by vitality than chronology.” —-Lee Eisenerg