A Prostitute Notoriety & Her Very Proud Mother

12 07 2008

“Like mother like daughter!” As if the nude pictures of her daughter circulating over the internet isn’t enough, Carolyn Capalbo had been seen couple of times, since the sex scandal, exposing her own body [too] in public domain. Apparently, she is displaying herself for would-be johns for hire.

The most recent “ass-display” was in Atlantic City. Hooker Ashley Dupre (left inset), who brought down former governor of New York, was spotted with her  very proud mother (right inset) almost butt-naked [creating traffic jam?].  In NY Post, the mother was bragging to a reporter that her daughter is heading to LA [for a TV contract]. Meaning one bad girl is rising to stardom at another man’s peril; and the parent is showing off her slut-child’s ill-gotten accomplishment.

The nature of her cable show is being compared to Tila Tequila’s, which I think is absurd, an unfair media analysis because, unlike Ashley, Tila is no whore in any sense. Any TV show from Ashley Dupre, if any thing, would be an ill of the society. What other skill does she have other than getting laid for dough. Her show probably would teach teenage girls how not to go college and make money by sleeping around with men. In essence, it is like telling girls it’s okay to be streetwalkers and famous for it. Is this world really fair? While many ladies go to school and work hard to be somebody, here is media, MTV, and some hungry productions such as Handprint Entertainment reward an infamous call-girl with a TV contract? It’s sickening, really.

The wish of every parent is for his or her child to grow, get a decent career, and live a responsible life. No one wants his/her offspring to be famous for prostitution, at least not publicly. But for Carolyn Capalbo, she appears to love every bit of it: she’s been using every minute of her daughter’s fame. She claims how good and sweet her daughter is. Despite the notoriety, her little girl is still an angel who can never be blamed for engaging in “sex for pay.”

The issues here is Ashley Dupre lost her $4 K per night job – clearly grounded with no stellar skills to get a standard job. Then she tried to sue GirlsGoneWild and parties for money, but to no avail. So in such situation, she would be desperate for money in order to maintain her lifestyle. And the best option is to turn her notorious fame into a cash cow. Of course, ‘mum’ would be happy since some bucks would surely pass on to her. We’d see how the show goes.

Quote of the day:

“I think it’s unfair that men put laws on a woman’s body, I think a woman has a right to choose with her own body. I mean, I don’t think prostitution is a career. But maybe [it is] a little steppingstone.” —- Heidi Fleiss

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Three Governors’re Down, Another One’s Hanging

30 05 2008

Few events that unfolded within the first half of this year make me wonder what is going on in New York State of mine. As a result, my mind keeps flashing back to a book I once red “Where Have All The leaders Gone” by Lee Iacocca. The tune in that book is very blunt and direct. Iacocca was one of the most powerful and effective honchos in corporate world. Simply put, he is the Jack Welch of the auto industry. In the book, he basically criticizes dwindling moral value, lack of ethics, and undiplomatic attitude of the U.S. political leaders. Even though, the book seemed to focus more on what is going on in Washington DC, the overall theme shows leadership flaws and misconducts around the nation. Perhaps, elected official are more suicidal (in their responsibilities) than depressed citizens. I mean, what could make leaders, who seemingly have it all, do dump things such as corruption or philandering.

Within the last few years in New York and the tristate area, we had Gov. John Rowland of Connecticut which was convicted for corruption. Two years later, Jim McGreevey of New Jersey came out of the closet and resigned due to his sexual orientation. Then came recently the biggest: the empire state’s Emperor Eliot Spitzer was canned for ‘hooker-banging”. As it turned out, Spitzer’s replacement, David Patterson, is no saint either; his unofficial inaugurations speeches was tainted with his sexual exploits including how we, the tax-payers, are footing his erotic indulgence. It actually had to take the intervention of some news editorials such Westchester’s Journal News and The NY Daily News’ Mike Lupica to zip the new governor’s chattering. Apparently, Gov. Patterson takes pleasure in talking about how he got laid – by women, however he’s fair enough to fully support gay marriage.

Naturally, some men stroke their own ego by talking about how many ladies they have conquered, but we really don’t want to hear such vaunts from our elected leaders. Sexual conquest might have shown the measure of a man in the biblical age – remember King Solomon‘s over 800 wives/concubines; in today’s society such habit amounts to nothing but weakness or sickness. Now, David Patterson should be worrying about potential political opponents if he wants to seek election at the end of his term.

The democrats have every reason to be concerned about the next New York gubernatorial election. Apart from governor’s sex scandal, there is a health issue which could be factored into his ability to remain in office for long. Hopefully, Gov. Patterson would get a ‘clean bill of health’ from his scheduled eye operation in July. Wishing him the best.


“If you lose people’s trust, you lose every thing.” — Unknown

Despite Husband’s Sex Scandal, Silda Spitzer Still Shines

26 05 2008

Despite the pain and embarrassment caused by her husband’s sex tryst, Silda Spitzer came out this past week looking very beautiful and better than most Hollywood actresses. Coincidentally, she appeared on the same NY Sunday Daily News page#3 (hard copy) with American’s most overrated actress, Sarah Jessica Parker of “Sex and the City.” However, Mrs. Spitzer stands out from all the celebrities on that page gallery, including Naomi Campbell.

When the whole world gone Spitzer-bashing, there are good reasons why I did not really go with flow. Except a quick reference to Eliot Spitzer in recent article “Why Ugly Guys Are So Hot.” Some times, you can’t really get between husband and wife no matter what. From distant, it is easy for Andrea Peysers of the world to call Eliot Spitzer all kinds of derogatory names under the sun [scumbag, bum, dog, cheater, liar, terrorist abuser, psychopath, lowlife, etc, etc]. NY Post’s Andrea Peyser, and her media gang from other outlets, ran continuous articles encouraging Silda Spitzer to leave her husband. But only Mrs. Spitzer and her family know better; and it is good that she did not fall for media criticism of her husband. And I wonder how those critics feel now that they see her beaming and looking charming – no stress- as ever.

While there is no moral value in extramarital affair, we should remember that most famous marriages don’t always break because the husbands are cheating. Eleanor Roosevelt and Hilary Clinton survived; even Jacqueline (Jackie) Kennedy would have survived it if John F Kennedy was caught red-handed with Marylyn Monroe. So would Silda Spitzer survive too. The effectiveness of the over-used cliché “media can break you” might have waned in today’s society. In family crisis, people are putting loves first. It takes a strong lady to use media outrage to her own advantage. Silda Spitzer chose to turn the table. Her husband gave heartbreak but she forgave and never let media hypercritics break her family apart.

Above pic: Silda Spitzer, Ali Wentworth & George Stephanopoulos


“Two important things are to have a genuine interest in people and to be kind to them. Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything.” —- Isaac Bashevis Singer

A Slut Keeps Basking in Cheap Publicity

13 05 2008


I just red a piece on DomainNameNews.com, Ashley Dupre the hooker having some gut to sue GirlsGoneWild and some domainers for “cybersquatting” ?. She got to be kidding. Cyber Squatting is when someone registers a name closely similar to yours and hope to gain from traffic generated from typos or mistypes. I found this law suit ridiculous and I think it would be an uphill battle for Ashley Dupre and her legal team.

As a matter of fact, the name “Dupre” is an adopted name- not her real surname. She was born “Ashley Rae Youmans” and later took on her mother maiden name “DiPietro” and then to “Dupre”. In my view, she is the one cyber-squatting here because as a wananbe-singer she probably took the name ‘Dupre’ to mimic and with hope that Jermaine Dupri’s success would rob off on her. Jermaine Dupri is Janet Jackson‘s fiancé and a mega rapper/super producer behind several hits such, as from Lil Wayne, Mariah Carey, TI, Da Brat and other.

Another legal question is that: Does she have the name trademarked? This legal action appears as a stunt from a shameless ‘slut’ who is looking for cheap publicity. Enjoy her show!


”Prostitution happens to you because of troubles you had. In reality no woman would choose to do that.” —–Catherine Deneuve

NY Post Excels at Pictures Misrepresentation

24 04 2008

When it comes to photo propaganda, there is no other news-print that does this sleazy game better than New York Post. You don’t want NY Post paparazzi around when you’re having a “bad hair day” or when you’re feeling down because your ‘mug shot’ could make the headline for wrong reasons. So what is wrong with the pictures in this entry?


I picked up a copy of NY Post this morning, I can’t believe what I saw: a sexy picture of Ashley Dupri, Spitzer’s call girl; again? It’s been over five weeks since Gov. Spitzer’s scandal and the guy had retired and moved on. But it appears that NY Post is the only news print around that wouldn’t stop beating the dead horse. The news paper never stopped running and re-running ‘spiterized’ articles over and over again. Today’s headline reads “Two On One’ Vs Spitzer”; however, this story has no direct link to Spitzer’s famous mistress, Ashley Dupri. This was a separate incident with no proof that the hooker in question worked for the same Emperor VIP Club. Although, it is about Eliot Spitzer, and another slut, but it a gross distortion to show the infamous Ashley’ pic to represent another (faceless) whore.



Also, some where in the paper is another distorting pictures NYC speaker, Christine Quinn (above). The snapshot captured her closing her eyes while answering reporters’ question, apparently overwhelmed by the recent discretionary funds scandal while trying to find answer in avalanche of questions. But NY post has been running this ‘sleepy’ picture consecutively for many days, ever since the scandal broke, even for other articles in which the speaker’s name never mentioned. Whatever happens to her better pictures such as this



I think one would agree that it is getting more difficult these days to differentiate New York Post from the London tabloids and Hustler Magazine.


“What we have to do, what at any rate it is our duty to do, is to revive the old art of Lying.” —–Oscar Wilde


Why Ugly Guys Are So Hot

26 03 2008

jlo1.jpgheidi_klum11.jpgIt’s been proven that Brad Pitts and George Clooneys of the world are not the only guys having all the fun. The New York Daily News presented a study which shows that the ugliest-of-the-uglies can be as competitive as the hunkiest-of-the-hunkies when it comes to pretty gals – not just any girls, I mean extremely beautiful women, such as Beyonce, J Lo, and Heidi Klum. Although Heidi’s man wasn’t included in the NYDN examples, probably because the media has been careful not to tag Heidi’s beau, Seal, as ugly. He is commonly described as the guy with a very “distinctly look”; Yeah right! – that needs some elaboration.

Another example used is Jay-Z who has never been lucky in overall press reviews of the “best-looking-celebrities.” And there was Howard Stern; instead of him as another example, I think Don Imus would have been perfect. There is no doubt, Stern’s hair is wacky but he is a good looking dude. 17a_notoriousbig1.gifLet’s add the late jay_z1.jpg1129056602970-larryking_sq1.jpgNotorious B.I.G. cripping with Faith Evans and Lil Kim simultaneously, which led the ladies into a “catfight” over him. And Larry King with many wives. Also Dennis Rodman who was the craziest-looking player in NBA, yet it was very easy for him to bed Carmen Electra.

If there is anything that NYDN’s report didn’t confirm is that the so-call ugly guys are the one with deep-pockets!! Apparently, an average “shrek” would not be that fortunate with pretty girls. If Marc Anthony, Seal, Jay-Z, Biggie weren’t successful in their acts, these famous beautiful chicks wouldn’t have given them chances. The report fell short of some bad characters. Some ugly guys can be as bad as their looks. Just like handsome hunks, some “unpretty dudes” are famous for cheating on their partners. For instance, Vince Vaugh and P. Diddy [the latter not too bad as he grooms a lot] are notorious for getting beautiful women laid for few months and dumped them like pieces of garbage.

That said, cripping with “unpretty guys” is not a sure way of “beaus retention”. As in business, relationship is all about taking chances. You would never know who could be a ‘keeper’ or ‘strayer’. The chances of women striking it long with guys, good-looking or not, are dicey. Currently, Eliot Spitzer is the most famous example of an “unpretty Ricky” turned prostitution-ring “playa” big-time!! Y’all know what I am saying.

In summation, it’s all boil to “money, power, and respect” as Lil Kim sang; and success. Those four factors could make the ugliest Johns very attractive to the most beautiful damsels in the world. To women, financial security matters more than hunky looks. As the saying goes in New York: “Money Talks, Bullshit Walks.”


Women are not always as successful as men because they have no wives to advise them.” – Greek Proverb