Nancy Pelosi’s Book: A Feminist Hypocrisy at Best

5 08 2008

So Nancy is on a tour book. It is unbelievable that the same lady who shot down Hillary Clinton’s Whitehouse run is promoting a book that entitled “Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters” ($23.95). I haven’t perused the book; needless to say I would not buy it because the content would appear hypocritical.

A lot have been said about “glass ceiling” for women. It is a common belief that it is still a men’s world out there. So, it is refreshing to see some women making it to the top of their career, especially in conventional men’s domain. Nevertheless, I think women are still their own worst enemies of progress. When some get to the top, they want to be the only conspicuous lady robbing shoulder with powerful men. That is the case of Nancy Pelosi, the first lady in U.S. history to be elected House Speaker.

Yeah! Nancy’s achievement is a big deal. And seeing any woman making similar history [for even more powerful position] could deflate her ego. She enjoys the respect and attention given to her as the lady-of-the-house. Had Hillary Clinton got the Democratic nomination, she too would have become [presumptive] most powerful lady in Washington/U.S., a title currently held by Pelosi. That is why Nancy supported Barack Obama for the nomination. So where is the so-called “feminist spirit”? With Obama in Whitehouse, it’s like a ‘strong lady and a wimp’ at the helm. Meaning Pelosi would be calling the shot for Democratic Party. With Iron-lady Hillary? Ah fogetaboutit! Pelosi wouldn’t stand a chance – as Hill takes bullshit from nobody.

With all the privilege and power, it is obvious Pelosi is having a blast in men-dominated world. So it is normal to act as a role model for other females to follow – but to share power with no other women. I can see another skilled politician (Nancy) at best. It is a known fact that most politicians don’t always mean what they say. Nancy Pelosi’s book-hawking parade is nothing but a “political marketing” and pretense. If she would have to be voted for again, so that some gullible voters would think: “Gee! She is lifting the bar for our daughters; let’s vote for her.”

My conclusive analogy would be Nancy Pelosi is just like some lady who sleeps with somebody else’s guy and turned around saying “all men are cheaters.” The fact of the matter is: men wouldn’t cheat on their lovers without the help of other women. Her book would say: girls, men are your problem; they are creating the glass-ceiling for you, they are limiting your career goals. You don’t have to let them.” Well, ladies you might find it very daunting to attain your ambition if you are in the same boat with ‘Nancy(s) Pelosi(s) of the world.’



“A feminist is a woman who does not allow anyone to think in her place.” — Michele Le Doeuff


McCain-Condoleezza: A Ticket Made In Heaven

28 03 2008

It is obvious that John McCain is being swept under the media waves by Obama’s éclat, to the extent that some Americans and people overseas don’t even know who John McCain is. So, what can the poor American war hero do catch up with high-flying Obama? A sensation. mccain_story1.jpgcondoleezza-rice-newarticle1.jpgAccording to this morning CBS Radio report, John McCain might be considering Condoleezza Rice as a running mate. This looks like a smart idea because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been so hyped on the apriorism of making history – to be the first black president and first woman president respectively. McCain is at disadvantage of these Democrats’ history-making brouhahas. It is time for him to turn the table. Choosing Condi as a potential vice president is like killing “two birds with one stone.” Condi can help the republicans deflate the excitements surrounding Obama and Clinton. Condi is black and a woman. And she could be the first of both as a Vice President. Americans could be bought on campaign that would let McCain rule for fours years and then have the first black and woman president.

The two democratic contenders, while still trading jabs, need to watch out for McCain-Rice combo which can be very strategic. This could erase the democratic lead over the repuplicans’ as McCain’s surly attitude could be overlooked with Condi on his side. Condi is well-liked globally. Her professional resume is longer than Obama’s and Clinton’s combined; and she is the most educated official in the Bush Administration, if not in the whole Republican Party. To mention just a few, she rocks with the world leaders. Who can beat her records in Washington DC? Arguably none!  

Moreover, black folks could express to Condi the same emotions they have for Obama. And the feminists could be as excited to flock to Condi’s ticket as they are toward Hillary. If McCain eventually pull the stunt, it could be a major media sensation that could kill both Obamaniac and Clintoniac crazes. And the caveat? McCain-Rice would keep U.S. Troops in Iraq, at least, for the next decade(s).


“My parents had me absolutely convinced that you may not be able to have a hamburger at Woolworth’s, but you can be President of the United States”   – Condoleezza Rice.

The Democrats Float on Rate Race

5 03 2008

Hillary, Clinton 05obama-751.jpg It is interesting to see how Hillary sucked up some steam off Obama’s momentum. And it is about to get really ugly. Seemingly, we have two democratic front runners and one republican nominee. So far, the mainstream media (MSM) and their pollsters have been very unrealistic in their projections. Irrespective of the sensational scoops, the voters, pretty much, show they are in control and would always have the final say.

Nevertheless, the Democratic Party needs to pull its acts together and come up with a nominee or face serious malady as time tick away. No doubt, the republican strategists would salivate for long-drawn Obama/Clinton wrangle, which could make it look as if the democrats are divided. Besides, the Clinton/Obama dogfight could put off the swing voters; hence, more vote for McCain. Hillary Clinton’s suggestion of a ticket with Barack Obama, on CBS this morning, is a smart move on her part. It is reasonably no surprise as some political analysts had predicted such out come before. At least, the suggestion gives the impression that the party would be well united to take on John McCain.

But the problem seems to be Obama as he appears butt-headed now than ever. After yesterday loses, he’s been wearing grimace face as if the world is crumbling around him (get over it! Dude). Obviously, Obama’s ego is punctuated and he’s not handling it well. When Clinton lost seven times consecutively, she still tried to put smiles every now and then. That made her more appealing and confident; and probably helped win Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island. That said, it is no-brainer at this stage for both democratic runners to attack-ad each other. Otherwise, the republicans would use the contents of those attacks effectively against any democratic nominee in November.

Time is of essence. Even with other primaries on the way, it is an illusion for either Clinton or Obama to secure the 2025 delegates for nomination. As it stands now, Clinton has 1464 and Obama has 1573 – do the math. Clinton-Obama ticket seems to be the best solution for the party moving forward. In addition, the VP and VFL roles would give Senator Barack and Michelle Obama the Oval Office Internship Training they need before becoming the President and First Lady respectively.


Great spirits [ideas] have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

Obama, The Devil, We Don’t Know

3 03 2008

As Obamania epidemics stir this nation and the world beyond, perhaps I am one of the few blacks, if not many, who haven’t been gripped by the fever yet. Consequently, I have been in conflicts with some of my relatives, friends, and my girlfriend who are African descents. And my Caucasian friends, when talking politics, would try not to offend me by talking favorably of Obama knowing fully well that I am a native African (expect me to be very proud, uh?). I usually waste no time to tell them that I am not a big fan of Obama – but, thoughtfully, I appreciate what appeared to be their sense of solidarity nonetheless.

Don Imus has a point when he called Senator Hillary Clinton “The devil.” Yes, at least, she is a devil that we know. On the other, Imus loves Senator John McCain who has been on his radio show many times; and he regards the war hero as a good friend. But to many Americans, John McCain is another devil they know so well. If either of these two devils becomes the U.S. president, we could predict what to expect within the next 4 years – partly because the two senators are well-seasoned politicians who know the real problems and issues facing the country, and they have spent more time on campaign trails to hammer issues and resolutions. As for Senator Barack Obama, all we know so far are: his book “Audacity of Hope” and the mantra “Yes We Can.” We can what? It is no news that Obama can win the nomination/presidency but he hasn’t been specific on exactly what will happen after that.

One of Senator Obama’s selling points is that, unlike the experienced senators, he is not a Washington insider. Therefore, he is more suited to change things in Washington to politics as unusual. Well, we heard this cliché many times 8 years ago when George W. Bush capitalized on his Washington-outsiderness to portray Al Gore as “same-old same-old” DC insider. We all know what has been going down ever since.

Now, the question is: Are Americans ready to make another unanalytic gamble on leadership this time in the mist of two wars and a looming or potential recession? So far, the most conspicuous thing about Barack Obama is his oratory; he sounds more of a spiritual leader than execution leader. No doubt, Obama’s epidemics could be strongly contagious. At times, I have to think straight not to fall under his spell, but some folks are not that fortunate. Nevertheless, there is still time for the tranced voters (represented by Obama Girl” above) to think deeply and put their sentiments aside for once. As the master-of-words talks make his way to the White House, hopefully some of us will wake up from hallucination and see the “devil in the detail” before it’s too late.


“Hope is good companion but poor guide.” – —-John Mauldin