Ice T hit Soulja Boy: State of Rap not in ‘Ice Age’

26 06 2008

Isn’t it dumb for legendary Ice T, 49, who built a solid reputation in two decades, to ignite flames that could melt him? Or is Ice (T) too cold lately (being a retired rapper) that he thinks the best way to heat-up is to start a brawl with a hot rapper, Soulja Boy, 17? In what appeared to be (another) brewing rap-war between generational-gapped rappers: ‘old school’ Ice T accused ‘new school’ Soulja Boy of single-handedly killed hip-hop – in reference to Soulja Boy’s super-man lyric which Ice T dismissed as garbage. And then he told the boy to “eat a dick.” In entertainment industry where beefing between rappers has become a means to huge record sales, one who have thought that rivalry with fresh-face Soulja Boy would come from some new generation rappers but iconic rapper like Ice T.

No doubt, Ice T got it made even before Soulja Boy was born. And he (Ice T) bragged he is not looking for money – because he has all the money he could make. True, his success can not be disputed with eight albums and over thirty films under his belt; he is surely a force to reckon with in entertainment world. But it’s a colossal error for him to dis a rising artist like Soulja Boy. Among many reasons why “Ice” shouldn’t have melted so low are:

  • The two rappers are generations apart – 32 years difference is no joke. What worked in hip-hop during Ice T’s music career peak [hip-hop’s “Ice Age”] does not work nowadays, and vice versa.
  • Ice T should have been a mentor to the boy. Why not call the teenager and give advice instead of ranting him out publicly on YouTube.
  • For the fact that Soulja Boy was nominated for 2008 Grammy, Ice T, a music vet, should have known better the kid’s s#*t is tight – i.e. Soulja has huge following, at least among the youths, which could solidify him as a future mainstream rapper.
  • Ironically, Ice T is like “a ‘pot’ calling ‘kettle’ black.” Throwback, he helped pioneer raunchy lyrics mixed with gangster rap that glorify guns violent and degrade women. So on moral ground, little Soulja Boy beats Ice T.

The reasons list could go on. My view does not mean I am a fan of Soulja Boy, as I am too old for his lyric. Needless to say, I have Ice T’s music collection but none of Soulja Boy’s. I’m analyzing from Ice T fan’s standpoint which I am, but no too deeply. Ice T, a retired rapper who is now a full-time Hollywood actor should know that there would always be audience for any kind of music: good, shitty, cheesy or whatever. Music entertainment is a big pie, so to speak; and creative artists would always get their bites. Saying one rapper killed hip-hop is an understatement. Soulja Boy re-innovates hip-hop to his own style; otherwise his music wouldn’t be exploding. Word up!!


“He who lives by fighting with an enemy has an interest in the preservation of the enemy’s life.” —-Friedrich Nietzsche

Despite Husband’s Sex Scandal, Silda Spitzer Still Shines

26 05 2008

Despite the pain and embarrassment caused by her husband’s sex tryst, Silda Spitzer came out this past week looking very beautiful and better than most Hollywood actresses. Coincidentally, she appeared on the same NY Sunday Daily News page#3 (hard copy) with American’s most overrated actress, Sarah Jessica Parker of “Sex and the City.” However, Mrs. Spitzer stands out from all the celebrities on that page gallery, including Naomi Campbell.

When the whole world gone Spitzer-bashing, there are good reasons why I did not really go with flow. Except a quick reference to Eliot Spitzer in recent article “Why Ugly Guys Are So Hot.” Some times, you can’t really get between husband and wife no matter what. From distant, it is easy for Andrea Peysers of the world to call Eliot Spitzer all kinds of derogatory names under the sun [scumbag, bum, dog, cheater, liar, terrorist abuser, psychopath, lowlife, etc, etc]. NY Post’s Andrea Peyser, and her media gang from other outlets, ran continuous articles encouraging Silda Spitzer to leave her husband. But only Mrs. Spitzer and her family know better; and it is good that she did not fall for media criticism of her husband. And I wonder how those critics feel now that they see her beaming and looking charming – no stress- as ever.

While there is no moral value in extramarital affair, we should remember that most famous marriages don’t always break because the husbands are cheating. Eleanor Roosevelt and Hilary Clinton survived; even Jacqueline (Jackie) Kennedy would have survived it if John F Kennedy was caught red-handed with Marylyn Monroe. So would Silda Spitzer survive too. The effectiveness of the over-used cliché “media can break you” might have waned in today’s society. In family crisis, people are putting loves first. It takes a strong lady to use media outrage to her own advantage. Silda Spitzer chose to turn the table. Her husband gave heartbreak but she forgave and never let media hypercritics break her family apart.

Above pic: Silda Spitzer, Ali Wentworth & George Stephanopoulos


“Two important things are to have a genuine interest in people and to be kind to them. Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything.” —- Isaac Bashevis Singer