Nancy Pelosi’s Book: A Feminist Hypocrisy at Best

5 08 2008

So Nancy is on a tour book. It is unbelievable that the same lady who shot down Hillary Clinton’s Whitehouse run is promoting a book that entitled “Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters” ($23.95). I haven’t perused the book; needless to say I would not buy it because the content would appear hypocritical.

A lot have been said about “glass ceiling” for women. It is a common belief that it is still a men’s world out there. So, it is refreshing to see some women making it to the top of their career, especially in conventional men’s domain. Nevertheless, I think women are still their own worst enemies of progress. When some get to the top, they want to be the only conspicuous lady robbing shoulder with powerful men. That is the case of Nancy Pelosi, the first lady in U.S. history to be elected House Speaker.

Yeah! Nancy’s achievement is a big deal. And seeing any woman making similar history [for even more powerful position] could deflate her ego. She enjoys the respect and attention given to her as the lady-of-the-house. Had Hillary Clinton got the Democratic nomination, she too would have become [presumptive] most powerful lady in Washington/U.S., a title currently held by Pelosi. That is why Nancy supported Barack Obama for the nomination. So where is the so-called “feminist spirit”? With Obama in Whitehouse, it’s like a ‘strong lady and a wimp’ at the helm. Meaning Pelosi would be calling the shot for Democratic Party. With Iron-lady Hillary? Ah fogetaboutit! Pelosi wouldn’t stand a chance – as Hill takes bullshit from nobody.

With all the privilege and power, it is obvious Pelosi is having a blast in men-dominated world. So it is normal to act as a role model for other females to follow – but to share power with no other women. I can see another skilled politician (Nancy) at best. It is a known fact that most politicians don’t always mean what they say. Nancy Pelosi’s book-hawking parade is nothing but a “political marketing” and pretense. If she would have to be voted for again, so that some gullible voters would think: “Gee! She is lifting the bar for our daughters; let’s vote for her.”

My conclusive analogy would be Nancy Pelosi is just like some lady who sleeps with somebody else’s guy and turned around saying “all men are cheaters.” The fact of the matter is: men wouldn’t cheat on their lovers without the help of other women. Her book would say: girls, men are your problem; they are creating the glass-ceiling for you, they are limiting your career goals. You don’t have to let them.” Well, ladies you might find it very daunting to attain your ambition if you are in the same boat with ‘Nancy(s) Pelosi(s) of the world.’



“A feminist is a woman who does not allow anyone to think in her place.” — Michele Le Doeuff


Alicia Keys Transfigured into a Bad Girl?

12 04 2008

Alicia, the BadThe last time I saw my girl, Alicia Keys, live was about three years ago, at the Nassau Coliseum when she performed as guest star at Beyonce’s concert. Looking at her fully clothed, unlike Beyonce who let it all hang out, I couldn’t help but admired Alicia Keys for her saintly look and beauty. The audience responses were overwhelming; she actually stole the show from the ‘foxy’ Beyonce. This basically means female entertainers don’t have to dress like hustlers to make strong impact on the music audience. Surprisingly, despite her vast success, Alicia Keys has recently resulted to erotic dresses. Heck!! Who want to see your butt or boobs? We just want to listen to your good music. Those sexy dresses might have worked Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara and other ass-shakers but that is not you, Alicia babe. 

(Upper picture reps the ‘bad girl’ Alicia. The below reps the ‘decent’ we used to know)

Alicia, the DecentAs if the half-naked dresses aren’t doing enough dents, now sweet Alicia Keys wants to become a modern day Black-Panther. AP reported that Alicia Keys is transforming her self from a romantic to political singer. “She now wears AK-47 chains on her neck,” the report said. She is being spurred by some ridiculous conspiracy spins, such as government encouraged the gangster rap conflict that killed two hip-hop greats, B.I.G and Tupac. Well, Ms. Keys, regardless of how many books you red or researches you have done; your government/gangster rap conspiracy theory is a nobrainer. I don’t think US Government or FBI gave rappers ammo to kill each others. At least, no authority gave Ice T, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre’s NWA mics or guns to start gangster rap. Back in the 80s, before gangster rap, there were hip-hop groups with clean lyrics. Thanks to the pioneers like SugarHill Gang, Grand Master Flash/Furious 5. Even the political rappers likes Chuck D and Public Enemy never rhythmed killing with guns or calling women hos.

The only conspiracy in hip-hop is the deliberate attempt in the industry to get violent, coupled with expletive lyrics to attract media attention. It is such strategy that made likes of Eminem, 50 cent, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog and others became multi-millionaires today. I could go on this topic for hours; in short, the violence in hip-hop is self-inflicted, strategically plotted by the rappers and their promoters to draw attention and make money out of it.

Moreover, it’s good to remember that hip-hop music became fully “mainstream” after the death of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. So who are the reapers here? Consequently, P. Diddy, former B.I.G’s promoter became famous worldwide and currently on his way to becoming a billionaire. So, Alicia Keys ‘sweetie’ wants us to believe that government is the gainer in the hip-hop game?

People don’t need Alicia Keys to use her music fame to teach about civil rights. Before she ever came to the surface of this planet, there had been great leaders such as late Dr. Martin Luther King, late Malcolm X, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and other who have been and still doing stellar jobs of fighting inequality. Without the struggles of these leaders, Obama wouldn’t have the courage to run for President office and most minority high-archivers wouldn’t have made it to the top of their careers today.

As it is said in the media that “Alicia Keys was born into the wrong era” because of the nature of her songs which sound so 1960ish – but I love it though. Perhaps, this is what prompted her to look at today’s struggle as if we were in the Black-Panther haydays. If Alicia Keys wants to join the civil right struggle, she would be better off donating money to the causes and be an occasional advocate rather than turning her concert(s) into political protest Arena.


Digging for facts is better mental exercise than jumping to conclusions.” – Bernard Baruch

UPDATE: Alicia Keys Quickly Back-pedals From Gangster Rap’s Conspiracy Theory. Read more. MSNBC>>

French Giant Allowed to Outdo its American Rival

7 03 2008

Lately, United States diplomacy has been bad-rapped on global scale. This is primarily because of the Bush administration’s war policy. As a result, some U.S. allies had turned to bitching antagonists; e.g. French former president openly criticized U.S. war in Iraq. However, the newly elected French President, Nicolas Sarkozy had normalized U.S – French relationship during a recent visit to United State.

Given the fact that France are among the major opposers of the U. S. war efforts, who would have thought that a French company, Airbus -EADS, would be allowed to bid for a major military contract in U.S. I mean, while the relationship was still strained between the two countries over war in Iraq. Isn’t this an irony? Here is why it is: France did not support United State war efforts and ended up winning one of the most lucrative defense contracts in U.S. history – $37 billion-up deal which could balloon to $100 billion at completion. Adding salt to the injury, this contract was awarded at the expense of an American company, Boeing, one of the most reputable companies on the planet.

I know some would argue that America is free market, which is what capitalism is all about; the foreign companies are involved with U.S. partners, and yari! ya! riya! For instance, today’s New York Times editorial supports the contract, citing backlash from the Europeans if U.S. kill the deal. According to the NY Times, “Boeing claimed that if it had won the contract, it would have created 44,000 jobs in this country. The [Airbus] EADS-Northrop group says its tanker will support [not create] 25,000 jobs here.” Then the editorial concluded that if the deal is prevented “It would also be bad diplomacy and bad business. And that can’t be good for the country.” Sorry Times, that argument is not strong enough to give American jobs away.

Yes, U.S. is open to foreign businesses and that is part of what make this country great. But this is an intelligence (military) contract that should be fully made in America, at least, for security reasons. Besides, it’s about tens of $billions of tax-payers’ money which should remain in the U.S. economy instead of France. In logic, other super powers would not award such contracts such to outsiders except if their indigenous defense contractors are absolutely incompetence. Boeing can have its flaws, tell me which great company wasn’t built on trials and errors. Boeing should have learned some lessons and the company can measure up to Airbus-EADS, if not better.

Clearly, no defense contract in any nation can be awarded without consent from its policy makers. As reported, some powerful politicians, including John McCain, facilitated the deal in favor of the Airbus & Co. One the hand, Senator Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama favor the American Boeing company. I think concurring with the latter makes more economic sense for United States. Senator McCain’s lack of economy knowledge can not be excused, especially in the forthcoming presidential debates.


The world would be happier if its leaders had more vision and fewer nightmares.” – Vern McLellan (WWQ)

UPDATES: The Fights continue on this contract as of June 18. More reports in the following links:

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